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My Silent Love


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'She has nothing she deserves'. Reika Ito. That's her name. The SPL therapist, who'll meet an undeserving death. (An SPL therapist works in a rehab center and gives specific treatment for the patients, who lose the ability to speak after an upsetting incident). Her only wish is to live life happily. But she was asking too much. For, 'happy' was her sworn enemy. That's why, no matter what, in the end. She was hated, rejected, wronged and finally killed. 'She has everything she doesn't deserve'. Reika Hanabusa. That's her name. Beauty, status,money, fame. She has it all. 'Victory' was her best friend. That's why, she would get everything she wanted. And when the wronged soul of Reika, wanders into the triumphant house of Hanabusa. Maybe things start to change.....


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