My Servant System

Katherine Zara, a single middle aged office worker, went about her day as she always had; wake up, go to work, come home and read or play games. However, today would be different. Before she left for work, her ex broke into her apartment and killed her. When she woke up, she was given many choices. She could pick her new world, pick her starting point, and pick her system among many other things. And so Katherine decided to become a servant to a villainess. Follow Katherine as she serves her petty, demanding mistress in a world of swords and magic. Additional: The Female Lead (Katherine) will be submissive to her mistress, but will be cold towards others. I plan on having some action, but mainly this will be a story about Katherine serving her mistress and leveling up her system.

Ketsueki_Hasu · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
1057 Chs

Chapter 858: 'Healer'; Chat

Releasing the spell holding up the Goblin's right arm, I watched and observed the monster try to claw at me again with its now free hand, its digits extending and contracting as it utilized the now healed appendage to try and attack me, much to my amusement.

It tried to snarl and snarl at me, but the chunk of ice lodged between its jaws prevented it from doing anything besides releasing a guttural, deep throated growl that barely made any noise, all while its beady little eyes were filled with so many succulent, delicious emotions...

Pain, fear, despair, and rage to name a few, all of which made me shiver as I sat atop the Goblin's chest, my dagger still firmly lodged in its shoulder.

I grabbed it and twisted it some more, snapping the upper ends of the humorous and the furthest side of the shoulder blade, causing the Goblin to twitch beneath me as the pain only grew stronger with that simple motion.