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My Sentient System


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"Error! No compatible system found. Searching database." It was then that Rey understood what it meant to be crushed by a single sentence. "Compatible system found. Bonding with system A-1927" Rey was left dumbstruck, he experienced a ton of emotions in just a few seconds. He did not pay much attention to this event as he was very much engrossed with the fact that he finally got his own system, after waiting since he was a child. But this never seen before event is sure to have its repercussions and in its centre was Rey Shelding. In a world where every person has a personal system and people without them are considered different, low-life, Rey even with his system is still different thanks to the error. Will this error lead Rey on a path of success or plunge him into a life full of despair and agony? (probably the former if you ask me) Long ago, an unknown being gifted humanity with the power of system to help them survive the increasing onslaught of monsters which forced them to take shelter in a corner of the world. Fast forward a couple of hundred years later, humanity has now populated most of the known land, thanks to their newfound powers but once mystery still remains. "You peeps are like us but way too weak to even do anything. But isn't it funny how I am forced to rely on you for help. No cap but as you are, you guys would probably die even before the battle starts. I'll wait till you guys are strong enough to realise the truth behind this power." The words of the unknown being or now referred to as 'the primordial being' have been a topic of fascination for researchers and adventurers who kept trying to find the truth behind them. Now considered as nothing more than a thing of the past, Rey fascinated by them, decided to uncover their true meaning. Journey along Rey as he goes from an aimless genius to someone who is more responsible towards his duties as he experiences challenges, friendships, betrayals and love (I hope). He will meet new people, some friends and many enemies but most importantly he will unravel the truth about his system all thanks to a single ERROR!!! _________________________________________ This is my first novel and first time publishing something that I have written, so I am really excited. This is my take on what if everyone got a system in the real world without any dungeon,game or tower. Please forgive the grammar as my native language is not English but it will get better I hope. Early chapters may not be the best but it I am still learning so they will definitely get better. The pacing may be a problem as it may be slow at some paces and fast at other but that will be due to my inexperience as a writer and I promise to improve as a writer alongside this novel. Updates may not be regular as I have to focus on my studies so sorry for that in advance.


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