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my selfish love


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This is an original work and not the translation. Note- people's who love excellent grammer please ignore the mistakes. It's about the story... This novel have two love stories of the same female lead and thats why there are two male lead also. "Love is not something you go out and look for.Love finds you , and when it does, ready or not, it will be the best thing to ever happen to you". "True love doesn't need proof , the eyes told what heart felt". Do you believe in fairy tales, Most of the people don't believe in it but I believe, one day , a prince will come and take away my heart, he will keep me in his heart and love her with his soul, one day we will find eachother and never be apart. This is what the girl in my story believed. Now she had became a mature independent woman who knows how to deal with the real world. The Novel starts with ,a lady who woke up from her dream and was scared because she was dreaming of her ex-boyfriend and couldn't understood why after so long she dreamed of him.Afterward she decided to write her story starting from her lovelife to how it broke up. So, let's take a read and know , how did she fell for her ex-boyfriend?How he became her ex? Why they had breakup? Check out if there is happy ending in her life or not? Is she happy now or struggling with her past memories? And many more twists are waiting for our readers, so please keep following the chapters and keep supporting me which will inspire me for writing. Thank you.


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