387 My SI Stash #87 - You Got To Be Kirin Me by Fatalis0217 (MonsterHunter)

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Synopsis: Someone dying in the real world, and now reincarnated as one of the most mysterious Elder Dragons in the entire Franchise. SI-OC/Kirin. Self-insert. Rated T for now. Reviews plsRated: T

Words: 41K

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Chapter 1-3 (exceptional)

Dying. Huh, it feels really weird to be honest. One moment I was going home from College and the next thing I knew. BOOM! I was struck by lightning. I guess I should've seen it coming given that the weather today was gonna be stormy. Although the weird part was I wasn't really all that worried. I mean dying and leaving my loved ones behind sucks, it really is. But most people are afraid to die, I don't know why. I mean it is an inevitability. But I suppose I accepted and waited for death with open arms a long time ago. And now here I am. Although where is here?

All I can see is nothing but the black void of nothingness. I tried to move but there was something weird. I can feel my body but… It feels different. I tried to move my arms but that was the funny thing… I can't feel any fingers only something hard on my palms. After a while I was starting to see light. My vision while blurry was starting to come together, shapes, colors, and textures were being formed.

'Ugh… Finally I thought I was blind for a minute there.' I thought as I rubbed my eye with my ha- wait a second. I scratched my eye but I feel stiff and prickly hair. Shaking my head, and there's another thing funny, I can feel something heavy on the top of my head. I eventually got a good look at my surroundings and it was strange to say the least. It was beautiful and yet so familiar somehow.

I was in some sort of open field that leads to a forest that again feels like I've seen it before. Lost in my thoughts I suddenly realized that I was standing on all fours but I feel balanced for some reason. And now finally panic sinks in. I was too busy admiring the pastural setting that I forgot about myself. I mean I was just struck by lightning, I should be dead. Although I wouldn't mind if this was heaven, the beauty of nature is always eternal. I noticed a small pond and I immediately walked there. Once I stared into the reflective water my mind went blank. Staring right at me is a creature that I was all too familiar with. Piercing red eyes, spiky electric white mane, and the ever iconic majestic horn of one of the most mysterious elder dragons in my favorite game of all time. One thought only registered in my head.

'I'm a flipping Kirin!' One second later the entire land went into silence as a loud haunting Neighing echoed throughout the forest.

1 hour later.

I was pacing around the pond trying to process my thoughts.

'Okay, okay, this is one ironic predicament I got myself into. I mean being struck by lighting is one thing, but my body turning into a Kirin right after? This is either a deity's idea of a cosmic joke or is this my punishment for hunting a lot of Kirin's when I played Monster Hunter back home. Honestly I was hooked at the game, ok more like addicted to it. And one of my most favorite monsters to hunt was the Kirin. Not only is it unique in of itself because while a horse, it's classified as an Elder Dragon, also because it is one of the most beautiful creatures in the game. I mean the sheer majesty of its appearance is absolutely amazing, and the fact that it can call down and absorb lightning at will is incredible. Although that didn't stop me from hunting it a thousand times. No joke I kept count.

So now the sword is on the other hoof, cause like it or not I'm a Kirin. Hmm… maybe this won't be so bad, now I can fully experience what it feels like to be a monster. I've read some fanfics back home about reincarnations in other worlds, some from games, and others in animes, and so for me it was the former. Well you know what they say. 'Never look a gift Kirin in the horn'. (I've always wanted to say that).

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'Although. Which Monster Hunter am I?' I started to look around to get in touch with my surroundings. There were a lot of forest levels on every MH game so I'll have to see any iconic landmarks. But first I need a nap, this has been a mentally exhausting day. I laid on the soft grass and closed my eyes as I drift into a dreamless sleep.

Hours Later. An hour before sunrise

I woke up with an echoing neigh or yawn. I stood up and traveled along the path outside the forest to see where and which MH world I am. Fortunately during the walk I spotted some bushes that grew some Nulberries and other fruits that satiated my appetite. I wonder if I can feed through lightning. That would be an interesting discovery I mean from what I've seen while playing the games Kirin is one of the monsters that I haven't seen eat something. My thoughts were interrupted however when the ground shook beneath me. I saw some glowing in the distance and immediately galloped there.

I was at a beach and there at the distance confirmed at which MH I am.

'I'm in Monster Hunter World." I thought. I was actually quite giddy to be honest, because MH World is my favorite one of all time. The game itself is really great and it actually has cutscenes compared to the other ones. Now that I got a good look at the forest behind me I felt kinda dumb. I should've known that I was in the ancient forest, but meh live and learn and in my defense I was trying to process my situation first. Now I focused my attention on the explosion in the distance. I have to admit Zorah Magdaros is really scary even from this distance, I can clearly see the living volcano tear the Research Commission's fleets like they were nothing but toys in his swimming pool.

So now a few thoughts are running through my head. Is the main Hunter a man or a woman? And is the Handler really that of a chatterbox as well as a glutton like in the game? And is my life at risk now that I know which timeline I'm in? Because while I'm a person in mind and soul, I am still a Kirin, a relatively harmless Elder Dragon unless provoked or felt threatened. And I know a lot of wannabe hunters would love to hunt me down. But right now my priority is to observe for now and see where I will go from here on out. I know the map of all the areas in the New World by heart now given that I've been playing MH World for a long time, a 1000+ hours of gameplay would do that to a person. So now with my mind forming a plan all I have to do is wait for those two to make landfall. And judging from the rising sunrise I won't be waiting for that long.

(Ancient Forest – Area 1 campsite) (Handler's POV)

Oh man, what a trip. The Commission will have a hard time believing what just happened to us. I mean all of us were just sailing by, me with my partner were just about to get acquitted when *CRASH*. A giant living volcanic monster broke surface and it looked like it wasn't bothered by the ships at all. Jeez, the New World sure knows how to make an impression. Luckily my partner and I escaped by grappling onto a wyvern and landed right here. Good thing the tent has a map inside, I marked the location of the Research Commission's base on his map.

When we got a first look at the scenery before us, it totally makes up for the horrible firsthand experience in the New World. It looks so beautiful, the forests back in the Old World have nothing on this view. We can see an Aptonoth herd grazing about in the meadow before us, everything looks so peaceful. But we don't have for sightseeing, we needed to get to the Research Commission's Headquarters and report to them on what happened when we arrived. Fortunately we can see the base from where we are.

We took the path towards the Ancient Forest, but we got quite a welcoming party. We were surrounded by a pack of Jagras. It was a good thing that they lost sight of us when we hid under some bushes, what a bad time to lose our weapons, and I don't think a small knife counts as one. We got out of the deep forest, on the way we found some fresh tracks, I wasn't on guard when suddenly a Great Jagras jumped out and made a quick lunge to devour me. It towered over me, and for a brief moment I thought I was gonna die.

Although I guess it just wasn't my time yet, when someone jumped on top of it, making enough time for me to get up and back away. He was carrying a Greatsword behind his back as he landed on the Great Jagras's back. It tried to shake him off, but it just crashed itself on the fallen tree that blocked our path. An opening presented itself to us and we bolted right out and towards Headquarters. My partner was just behind the monster. We finally made it safe at the gates, but my partner was in a bit of a pickle. The Great Jagras was about to charge at the gate when suddenly an Anjanath jumped out of nowhere and started to flay the monster around with its massive bone crushing jaw.

My partner couldn't get pass the two because it completely blocked the way. He tried to run past but the Anjanath just kept swinging the Great Jagras around, if he moved forward now he may get hit or worse, he might get crushed.

"WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! COME ON! GET OVER HERE!" The man who saved us before shouted.

"YOU CAN MAKE IT JUST RUN FOR IT!" I shouted, trying to give some support. Suddenly something strange happened. The sky somehow turned dark all of a sudden and we can hear the crackling of a storm.



A bolt lighting struck the Anjanath causing it to become temporarily paralyzed. It gave my partner the opening he needed to run pass them and right towards us. As he made it, the man who saved us cut the rope holding the gate up, causing it to slam down shut, and good thing too. The Anjanath just recovered from its paralysis and just carried its kill away inside the Ancient Forest. I helped my partner up, seeing that he was a bit shaken from the ordeal.

"Hey! You all right?" I asked as I helped him up.

"Yeah, I think so." He said.

"Let's go." The man said as we ran inside and finally made it to the Research Commission Headquarters. Although I couldn't wrap my head around on that lightning strike just now. Was it a sign from someone? Or something?

(Kirin's 'Me' POV)

Holy crap. That. Was. AWESOME! To be honest I didn't think that would really work, I mean I just got this body, and yet I just acted on instinct just now. I felt like my horn was some kind of lightning rod as I gathered lighting in it, and my body wasn't bothered by the plasma at all. In fact, the electricity felt like water to me, it was like bathing, except with thousands of volts of electricity. My instincts told me to just call it down and BLAM! The lighting strike crashed on the Anjanath that was blocking, whom I assume was the Handler's partner. AKA the Hero Hunter that's going to slay Xeno'Jiiva in the near future.

I gave a sigh that he finally made it at the safety of the gate. Although what puzzled me was that he almost looks exactly like my character created one back home. The only difference was that his samurai styled hair was colored a deeper shade of red, almost black in fact. Meh. I can live with that. With that said, I headed back into the deep forest of the Ancient Forest to contemplate on what my next move is. If I were to follow the main storyline, then I need to train this body, and figure out how a Kirin's body works. Hopefully I can be of some help in the long run. Because this is my chance to explore this world up close and personal. I just hope I'll live long enough to see it through the end without being hunted, or eaten by Nergigante.

Chapter 2

As I walked back into the deep jungle of the Ancient Forest, I began to concentrate on my priorities right now. So far I can see that I'm at the very beginning of the storyline. And as of right now if I were to hazard a guess, I think I have a few days, 3 at most to prepare myself for the coming events. So I should practice on getting used to this body first. Jeez, I'm starting to think like Ginyu after swapping to a new body. Unfortunately I don't have opposable thumbs now, but I suppose that's not necessarily a bad thing.

I mean the entire physiology of a Kirin is a total mystery, as well that Kirin can be one of the most powerful Elder Dragon there is, not even other Elders know its entire mystery. A Kushala Daora is one of the most known Elder's, being a Tempest of Wind, and sheds when its skin is all rusted. A Teostra and Lunastra are both rulers of the Flames. Kulve Taroth is a walking super-heated gold mine. Vaal Hazak is an Elder Dragon wearing corpses of dead monsters. Zorah Magdaros is an Elder Ecosystem Catalyst. Xeno'Jiiva is an Alien looking newborn Elder that shoots lasers. And Nergigante is an Elder Eater.

Each and every one of these Elder Dragons has some clarifying information about them. But not much is known about a Kirin entirely, heck even Fatalis has more information to go on than it. Also in a scientific standpoint lightning is a lot hotter than lava.

If lava just got spewed out of a volcano its temperature can reach up to 2,200 Fahrenheit. A lightning bolt's temperature can reach up to 53,000 Fahrenheit, so I can assume that a Kirin can handle the heat a Teostra and Lunastra gives off. Even if Teostra and Lunastra can reach the heat levels of the surface of the sun, it still pales in comparison. The surface of the sun is just 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit, so lightning still has a five time lead on the heat scale. And if what I'm theorizing is accurate, then it means I can walk, even dive into lava like it is just warm water. That's a thought I need to prove in the near future. I mean I don't think I've seen a Kirin in a lava map. I don't know if they prefer the forest and Snowy Mountains, or are they really not as fireproof as I thought. Because in the game a Kirin's elemental weakness is fire. So I need to do some experimenting sometime in the future.

For now I need to see what's a Kirin's full potential. I mean I just absorbed lightning earlier like it's nothing and commanded it at will. So there has to a lot more going on than just shooting lightning bolts all Willy nilly all the time like the usual Kirin. Although in the MH World, the Tempered or Arch Tempered did strike my interest. I mean from what the game shows, the Tempered class monsters were basically Veteran class. Meaning they were old and hardened by the rules of Nature. They survived to see another day, it's the game of life, and you either be the hunter or the agile prey. There's no guarantee which of the two will succeed, the strong or the weak.

So now I will have to venture and learn all about my new body now, and I get the feeling that it's gonna be one heck of a run.

(1 day later) (Ancient Forest: Morning)

I let out a yawn and I tell you. It's still taking a bit of getting used to the sound of neighing. While I can't talk with words, unfortunately. I think that other monsters can understand what I was neighing about. And that's when I found out a neat trick around it. Remember in Ben 10 alien force, that Amperi alien named Ra'ad? He can feel and track electrical pulses in the brain of sentient beings, thus allowing him to read minds. So I decided to see if I can use that neat little trick to my advantage.

It took half the day for me to focus enough to feel the electrical pulses in the area around me. So far I can sense about 100 feet around me if I focus hard enough. And it took the rest of the day for me to somewhat read minds. The only reason why it took so long because I did it by using the Aptonoth herd. And as it turns out Aptonoth brain? Not so much room in there for any coherent thoughts except for basic instincts for an herbivore.

So I decided to find something a bit more intelligent looking. And that's when I discovered my Mind Reading ability, I found the Anjanath that I struck earlier with the dead Great Jagras in its mouth. I kept my distance because while I'm an Elder in body, I don't think I can take on a pink fire breathing T-Rex yet, I still need to get used to this body and discover its full potential. When I was in a safe distance to use my mind reading while remaining hidden I was a bit surprise that this trick works. I can hear inside its head that it was perplexed, wondering where that bolt of lightning came from. The only reason it survived the strike was because my lightning didn't have much power in it, but it was enough to temporarily paralyze him.

With a yip for the success I suddenly felt a bit tired from all the excitement and effort of the day. So that's where we are now on the next day. I went deep in the forest to eat a berry and thunderbug breakfast, because I refuse to eat grass like an Aptonoth. Turns out I still need food to live, and I don't know if Kirin were omnivorous or herbivorous because thunderbugs were quite tasty for me, I think that's just because they have the matching element that I am.

After I finished eating I went to the open field of Area 1. This time I have to learn the attacks of Kirin, so far I managed to call down small lightning strikes. The big lightning strikes I can do, but I needed a few seconds to charge up. And the hardest one was the lightning stream, it's the attack that instead of vertical I can electrify the air in a horizontal straight line. Learning all that and trying to master it took me all day. I don't think I got it all mastered yet but I think it's a start in the right direction. Because a normal Kirin might be just using the attacks out of pure instinct, so it gave me the image that if I managed to master my powers then maybe I'll be able to utilize lightning more than just using it for offense and defense.

I don't want to be a one trick pony or Kirin. So I have to practice on what else I can do with my element. Also the reason why a Kirin when enraged turns it's scales into near impenetrable armor is because the scales themselves when supercharged with a large amount of electricity hardens as well as compacts so tightly that it's like my molecular bonds are like airtight. Unfortunately my head, specifically my horn doesn't have such protection so it is my greatest tool and my greatest weakness.

A few hours later and it was already night time, I was about to head back and hit the hay when I picked up an electric pulse in the air. Right now my current range when sensing casually has now reached about 70 feet, I still needed to focus when I try to reach 100 feet. So that means whatever I'm sensing is relatively close by.

'Woah! A Kirin? Here? I guess the Elder Crossing calls for all Elders.' Was the thought of someone, a hunter or a researcher? I can't tell. I looked at the direction of where my senses were picking the thought up. It was the two A-list hunters that the CAC meets before the Handler. I can see them looking right at me, we had a bit of a staring match before I decided to retreat.

Great… So much for hiding… Now they're gonna report back to the Commander. Worst case scenario they're gonna gather some hunters that have experience in dealing with Elders and hunt me down. Or just report in and hopefully they won't send in the Huntsman or the CAC, just the Ecological Research group. Either way my cover's blown and I needed to lay low or move on to another area for a while. I think now's the time to try and see what The Wildspire Wastes look like this time of year. Hopefully I won't run into Nergigante. With that I galloped quickly towards the Wildspires, hopefully the heat will die down here quickly enough for me to go back and see what's happening.

(3 days earlier) (Astera) (Handler's POV)

We finally made it to Astera. It was even more amazing than I could have ever dreamed off. The entrance by itself is a sight to behold, it was a gigantic ribcage of a Titan class monster. It was like nature wanted us to set up base here to learn about the New World. I can see the Commission's shipwreck on top of a two pillars. They really did an amazing job in turning it into a guildhall. We were the last to arrive apparently, the rest of the Fifth fleet already made it here, but not without injuries. We saw the two hunters we met on the ship before everything went south tending to the wounded.

Despite all that, everything seems to be in order. We looked around the Tradeyard. They really have everything set up here. They have the Ecology research group, the Gatherers, Scholars, and Technicians to keep this Commission going. This will definitely help us in finding the answers on what the New World really is about.

We were introduced to the Commander and the Huntsman, both were legends in their own right. He greeted us with open arms. He also reunited us with my Partner's Lynian, the poor guy was having a panic attack when he said he arrived here and was looking for us. After the introductions, the Field Team Leader showed us around Astera. From the quest boards, to the Guildhall, the smithy, and my personal favorite the Kitchen! I'll be hanging around there for a while. The head cook was a very buff Lynian, everyone calls him Meowscular Chef, but I think I'll call him chef for now.

After the orientation we were shown our own personal quarters which was by the Tradeyard. My partner and I immediately unpacked and hit he hay because this had been one hell of a day.

The next morning after a hearty breakfast, my Partner went to the training grounds to practice with his Longsword. I'm not much of a hunter, I prefer gathering and researching monsters, and their habitats. The New World is full of unanswered questions so it's my job to find them. While my partner was training all day. I went to the Ecological research team and compared notes on some monsters, like the one that wrecked our ship and almost killed us. I found out that the monster's name was Zorah Magdaros. In their research they say that he only comes out when it's time for the Elder Crossing and just disappears right after.

It's really perplexing that a monster of that size can just vanish like that, it was just another unanswered question in the list.

After a whole day of research I found my partner completely knocked out on his bed. I guess he really pushed himself if he didn't even bother to remove his sword from his back. I shook my head as I removed it and placed it near the bed post. After a midnight snack I went to sleep quickly, mentally exhausted from all the information I learned about the New World.

On the third day of arriving to Astera, we were sent on a gathering quest for Nulberries because we were all out to treat the wounded from Zorah Magdaros's attack. It was actually a pretty simple quest. The only hitch was the pack of Jagras that tried to ambush us, but my partner took care of them pretty quickly, so we gathered without interruptions. As we headed back after gathering enough Nulberries, we saw the two hunters were talking the Commander about something.

"We saw it! There's one right here in the New World! I don't know how it could get all the way here but it's true! We saw a Kirin!" The hunter exclaimed, sounding really excited at seeing one of the most mysterious Elder Dragon's. And I agree, how could a Kirin get all the way here? That's what always mystifies researchers in the Old World. A Kirin really is a mysterious Elder, it's so rarely sighted that information about its ecology is almost non-existent. The only information we got is that it calls forth lightning at will, as well as the near impervious hide it has when it gets angry.

"Hmm… The Majesty of Lightning has come to the New World… Where is it now?" The Huntsman said as he looked to be reminiscing about something.

"We don't know, we saw it looking right at us. We were about to hightail out of there when it ran away inside the Forest."

"Alright. For now, unless the Kirin shows up again we need to take steps. We don't want to provoke it into striking Astera. So for now we continue as planned." The Commander said. The others saluted and were dismissed. I agree with the Commander on this one. While Kirin are seen very rarely, those who encounter it are even more so to live and tell the tale after a brief fight with it. I don't think even a full set of Gypceros armor can nullify a Kirin's powerful lightning attacks. It may prevent you from being paralyzed but I don't think it'll keep you from being instantly burnt to a crisp.

With that thought in mind, we handed the Nulberries we gathered to the medics. After a job well done my partner and I went for a well-deserved lunch break. Although all this talk about the Kirin did make me wonder. When I was just a little girl I always imagined myself riding a Kirin like one would do an Aptonoth or a Popo. But I don't think it'll appreciate that, Kirin are relatively peaceful in nature unless you attack it first or stand in its way. Either way, you run away or get skewered and electrified if you do provoke a Kirin into a fight. Because I for one like living more than being turned into an overcooked piece of meat.

Chapter 3

(Ancient Forest) (SI/Kirin's POV)

Okay going to the Wildspire Waste as a Kirin was not really a good idea. Reason? Well it completely slipped my mind that I was a walking bolt of lightning, and as science proves that when lightning strikes or touches sand it tends to leave a bit of a trail behind. When I first took my first step at the sandy grounds of the Wildspire Waste I left a really obvious trail of petrified lightning. I didn't want to take a risk in something or someone tracking me, because I can't really hide when all they have to do is follow the trails I leave behind in the sandy terrain.

So with no other choice I decided to go back to the Ancient Forest and contemplate on my next move. As of now I have a good grasp on my powers so far, I've already gotten used to the Kirin's basic move set. Lightning Strikes, Charged Lightning Strike, and Lightning Stream. As of now I decided to wander around for a bit and think of any possible powers that I may acquire. I'm safe for now, given that I haven't felt any hunters nearby, but I can sense the electric pulses of other organisms in the forest.

As I walked at an even pace in the deep jungles of the Ancient Forest a Kula-Ya-Ku ran past me. You know it's really funny, in the Old World a Yian-Kut-Ku was an absolute pest to fight because it kept swinging its tail around and it keeps spitting fire balls when it's mad. But a Kula-Ya-Ku was actually even worse because it was a bit smarter than its cousin in the Old World. It can dig up and use big rocks to block attacks from the front and use said rock to smash enemies into a paste.

Although when that thing passed me, I felt like I was forgetting something.

"Oh hell…" A deep masculine voice brought my attention to two hunters that was about a good 10 feet away from me. Not just any two hunters, but the hunters that I want to keep my distance from. Yup it's the CAC hunter and the Field Team Leader. Now I remember why that Kula-Ya-Ku seemed familiar, well now I know when I am in the story. That was probably the Kula-Ya-Ku that wrecked the secondary campsite in the deep jungle of the Ancient Forest.

But now I'm in a bit of a pickle, because I don't think I'm ready or at all for that matter. We were having a staring match for who knows how long, non-dared to move a muscle because they might think I'll charge, or that they'll withdraw their blades. Right now the CAC Character is wielding an Insect Glaive one of the most maneuverable weapons in the game. I decided to sense what's going on inside their heads.

'Oh hell… Just our luck… Okay, this can be avoided. Slow and steady, walk back.' Was the thought of the Field Team Leader, as he raised his arm to his companion as he and the CAC slowly backed away from me. I'm not gonna lie, I'm enjoying the way they're backing away from me because they're afraid that I may strike them down. Back in my old life I wasn't really intimidating looking, but I can fight because I learned and taught martial arts in High School. So it does give me a bit of pride that right now I was intimidating. I raised my head in the direction of a very familiar voice.

"HEY GUYS WAIT FOR ME! Uh…" Was the ever familiar voice of the Handler as she skidded to an abrupt halt when she saw me.

'Oh Popo crap…' was the one thought inside her head. I wanted to laugh but I don't think they'll take it as a good sign. The three still slowly backed away. As for me? I decided to have a bit of fun with them.

I slowly, yet with grace, walked forward with my eyes firmly planted on them. They froze, stiff as a statue as I approached them. I can hear the Field Team Leader panicking, his thoughts were on how to escape, let alone survive if worse comes to worst. Because they lack the experience and weapons in fighting Elders for now, the only ones that can are the Commander, The Admiral, The Seeker, and The Huntsman.

When I was just about 2 feet away from them I stopped. As of now I was about approximately 491.42 in size. That's still small in Kirin standards because the largest recorded was about 600 above. And now I slowly leaned my head towards the Handlers inventory bag because I sense a lot of thunderbugs inside, and I am feeling a bit hungry right now. But to keep up appearances, I sniffed the bag as the Handler slowly reached inside and pulled out a thunderbug. She slowly raised it towards me, albeit shakily.

"I-I-I-Is… Th-this w-wh-what you w-want?" She shakily said out loud. She raised the squirming insect in front of me. And I decided to give her a break and ate it without biting her hand off. I savored the insect, as well as the looks on their faces. And when I finished, she took it as a sign and grabbed for another one. This went on until her bag was out of thunderbugs. She went stiff when she realized this. Now she's panicking that I might attack them now. Well, I've had my fun so might as well leave with an impression. I slowly leaned my face closer to her and flared my nostrils, she closed her eyes as the air I let out buffered her hair. Then I finally galloped away from them, neighing as I did. Although what I said was 'Thanks for the meal!' I did hear a slight rustle back there. Meh, probably nothing.

(Astera) (Tradeyard) (Night time: Handler's POV)

Ugh… What just happened…? I can hear voices all around me… one of them is Kazuma, my partner. And Jiro, the Field Team Leader. I can also hear the voice of the Commander. They're talking about something, and why does it have to be so close to me?

"And you're saying… it just left?" The Commander said.

"I know it's kinda hard to believe. I wouldn't have believed it if I wasn't with them. But I swear it just left." Jiro said to his Grandfather.

"After feeding it… thunderbugs?" He raised a skeptical eyebrow…

Thunderbugs? What are they…? Oh��� Now I remember. I groaned as I laid back… Oh my gosh! I thought I was dead back there! When I saw it, I just froze and my life just flashed before my eyes! I never would've realized that a Kirin could look so mystical, as well as scary as all heck. I mean I kept thinking that I'd be struck down by lightning, or gouged by its sharp horn. But for some reason, it just wanted the thunderbugs I gathered in my bag. That was the fascinating part, because no one has ever seen a Kirin feed or get close to a human for that matter. It really was an amazing, and terrifying experience for me.

I groaned as I woke up and rose from the med bed. Kazuma and the rest saw me and asked if I was alright. They told me that I lost consciousness after the Kirin left, Jiro was afraid that it was about to attack me when it got close. Fortunately that wasn't the case. Kazuma said that when it left they carried me back to base as they continued the hunt for the Kula-Ya-Ku. It didn't take long for them to take it down and restore the campsite. So that was a relief.

The Commander then began to question me about what happened. I told him what Jiro and Kazuma told him earlier, confirming that it wasn't made up. He still finds it hard to believe that the Kirin just upped and left after I fed it. Not that I blame him, I mean normally Kirins attack when hunters got close to it for too long. After he was done questioning he left and had a meeting with the Huntsman and the Ecological Team, probably trying to confirm or find anything about things like these happening.

This was probably a first in history. I mean that was as close to a Kirin as you can get without fighting it. And I was holding my breath the entire time it was in front of us. But right now, I need to eat for a while to calm myself down. I joined Kazuma in the dining area and we kept eating in order to process if what happened earlier was real. And process if that was just normal Kirin, or something even more because of the New World. Perhaps another mystery to add to the long list of questions we all have about the New World

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