1 Reborn in another world

I have lived for sixty lives in the modern era but never got to seduce or have sex so this should be my sixty first life. In a luxurious room was sitting on a chair with maidens on all sides he was looking at a soul and said I have taken a liken to you and also pity so I have intervened with the judgement for your sixty first life I shall bestow upon you my latest experiment as the seduction god I will give you the seduction system and also you be reborn as a half elf half demon as the seduction god finished speaking a sudden red covered my soul. As I saw a blurred vision of a woman was holding me crying then after a few seconds I could see clearly. A buetiful woman and other people who looked like elf's I often read in Manga and manwhuawas holding me crying tears of joy I was expecting a slap on the but or cheeks that never happened when suddenly she brought out her busty breast to breast feed me then I sucked since I was used to this then after I was done I suddenly saw a screen with blue background I was startled and shook a little then my mother told a person he is a feisty one . I just remembered that seduction god said about giving me a seduction system then I read the screen which wrote 5xp gained from fringing milk then I tried something I saw MC's doing as i said status screen open some rubbish came out of my mouth like googoogaga as a screen opened displaying system processing removing bugs ,adjusting please wait in 5,4,3,2,1," welcome to my seduction system what may I help you with host " then I said status screen open again in my mind this time ."Status screen"



Strength: 1





Demonic leave:

Allow s user to control invisible leaves that can stimulate women without using mp and also attack people if coated with demonic mp others locked.

I was surprised and sad I got a skill but I couldn't use to attack . I didn't have mana yet I was going to treat it the way other MC's treat it.

as night came I was put beside my mother who just started sleeping Unknown to them I was not asleep. I asked the system what I could bye planning to have sex with my buetiful mother then it screen appeared showing this.

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