1 First Meeting

It was one rainy morning and also My first day of the prestigious college " Depth Of Knowledge ".

I brushed was my hair. Wore my blue spects and put on a plain yet ethnic light green top and pink jeans. I was really excited for the first day. Especially after having heard and seen many movies regarding college fun and outing with friends and most importantly the independent life which would begin. I packed up my college bag and set out with my dad for the first day of my college.

But apart from the excitement I was kind of worried regarding the intro which the seniors were gonna publish in front of me. Kinda relate right?

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First day, First bench, First floor, and My

First CRusH.

May be wrong not on the first day for the but first time.

It was sharp at 9:45 am when my college had started. I entered the class after a lot of hassle in finding the room no. and the floor. I took my seat next to a classy looking girl.She wore a trendy outfit , a black pencil skirt and a sky blue crop top. I tried to introduce myself first to her but just then , a bald professor entered our room.

He introduced himself .

"Hello Students, I'm your professor Fritz Angelo in short 'FAN' Sir.

Everyone giggled.

" Shhh! Don't worry I'm not here to FAN silence it's just the HOD who is passing by the corridor so keep quiet. ", He spoke in a soft tone.

We suppressed our laughter from within.

"He Left. Now let's continue. Pay your attention towards the slides.", He spoke in his eloquent tone.

He swept through the presentation slides and explained.

We noobs were being introduced to the proficient technologies in our area.It was such an interesting topic. All were listening to him keenly.

The discussion had just commenced when all of a sudden HE entered the room with an air of thrill of the first day.

He spoke, " May I come in Sir? "

" Ah, Late on the first day itself. What's your name?" , FAN Sir questioned with a bright smile.

With a manly smile he spoke, "Sir ,I'm Sky Fernandez. "

"Well Sky, Be careful from the next time. Try to come early." , he spoke looking at him with squinted eyes as if trying to inspect him.

"Yes Sir. " and he entered brushing his hair with his nimble fingers and smiling .

He took a seat in my row. We again concentrated on what the Proffesors were teaching and started taking down our notes. Then we were taken to our respective labs( Technical Lab to be precise) . I was extremely curious and expected to checkout some of those real high tech devices. We were shown some of those devices. And all of a sudden Sir split our entire class into small groups. However, he was a part of our 3 member group along with another guy. He looked at me, smiled and put forth his hand for a handshake and spoke ,

" Hi, I am Sky Fernandez. Nice to meet you. What's your name? "

He was the first person out there to speak with me. And this was how we first met !

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