Talking about imaginary friend, have you ever seen one? I do. I am Hairi. When I was a little boy, not quite sure how old I was, but all that I can remember is that I used to have a friend that everyone else couldn't see but me. How do I know? I remember how my family used to hate it so much when I talked about her. I mean, what could possibly be so wrong about it? She just wanted to be friend. Moreover, I didn't have any friend during that time. Till now, I still think of her. I still reminisce her face, her smile, every tiny detail about her.

She was just a little girl. Her face wasn't scary at all. In fact, she has this sweet and innocent look. We became friend for almost a year. People said she would bring harms to me. But I don't know why I felt the other way round. I felt like she was actually protecting me. I felt secure whenever she's around. But the last time I met her, she cried. I asked her why. But there was no answer from her.

That night, mom and dad brought me to someplace to meet someone. I still remember clearly how mom was half begging to that man, "Please help us! Do something. He kept on talking to himself, I think there must be something or someone bothering him." I didn't understand what mom was talking about, as I was still a little kid. I knew nothing.

Now, whenener I think of it. I started to realize why the little girl was crying. Because that was the last day we ever saw each other. I know even if I tell anyone about this, nobody would believe me. So I thought maybe it's best to just keep it to myself.

The end of Hairi's thoughts.

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