My Second Life is For Love Book

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My Second Life is For Love


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Fifty years ago, Sun Yin lived her life for the sake of exacting revenge on the people who had killed her entire sect and everyone in her remote village. Attaining the state of immortality and the title 'Bride of Corpses', she unleashed her rage and wrath and made the cultivation world fall to its knees. After the 'Fall of the First Society', Sun Yin slept along with her creations, hoping to be forgotten by time. However, she woke up from her supposed eternal slumber and found herself walking the streets of a familiar city fifty years after. There, she met a strange man who had secrets of his own. For the first time, warmth came to her heart upon seeing cultivators that she once despised. Following the curious and enticing path of love, Sun Yin used whatever she had at her disposal to catch Lu Bang's heart. A plain life was never her safe place so she still felt at home even when one tragedy befell after another. Descendants of her enemies had stolen and claimed her creations as their own. With a drive to collect them all again, Sun Yin set forth in an adventure with her new-found object of affection as they searched for the pieces of her core. Her tale seemed to rewind as Sun Yin found her new home under the threat of destruction. But this time, she was not powerless. She would conquer even the next greatest villainess of all time just for a shot in a life she had never lived before. Her first life was for revenge, and the second one would be for love.


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