My Second Life as a princess
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My Second Life as a princess


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What is My Second Life as a princess

Read My Second Life as a princess novel written by the author Oya_Dawish on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering comedy, transmigration, loveatfirstsight, firstlove, princess. โœ“ Newest updated โœ“ All rights reserved


Switched with a princess by mistake. Shortly before she got married, princess Emily wished she can discover the world and to escape all those royal complications. She didn't know that her wish would come true in such a mysterious way. The peasant Lily and princes Emily had to face an unexpected twist in fate as they both would switch places. The peasant now became the princess, and the princess turned into a peasant. _______ What will they do? How will they react? Can they turn back to their real bodies? What about their lovers and lives? Why is their destiny so connected? Maybe the story is older than they think it is... What about the three lovers; Prince Leo, Prince Noah and dear friend Oliver? Will friends and enemies stay that way forever?


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I think the author did well in developing his/her characters. But I can see some room more improvement. I think a bit more description than dialogues would be good. As for writing quality, I did find in two to three sentence that I feel can be reword differently for better reading flow. Other than everything seem fine. In regard to world background, like I said before more descriptions is need. I would love to know more about the story's world. Since there's a princess, will there be magic, any magical creatures, or interesting settings? As the story is still in progress, I think from the latest chapters so far, the story is good. It's also going at a good pace, not too fast or slow. Also of now, with the latest chapter in, I see a cliffhanger occurring. Can't wait till they switch! And last words of encouragement to the author: You are doing great! Keep writing awesomely!


Great story. There are many characters in this story but the two main contrasting characters are Lily a village girl whose dreams of working in the palace are shattered and Emily a princess who shattered her dreams. At first, you found both of them not likeable (for me not liking Lily was a personal choice I liked Emily more than lily). But villains are not completely evil, let's see their back story in this series. In this journey, we have two princes one who believes in love Leo and the other is quite loose. Writing Quality - It was good grammatical errors here and there but it didn't affect my reading. I think the thoughts of the characters are too long. Story development - The plot starts with showing friendship, first love, jealousy. But I think there can still be an improvement. Character design - I think it's flawed a little bit. The character seems too plot-driven like if Emily is a jealous princess (I thought of her as such), it still doesn't change the fact she a royalty someone surviving in the palace. How can she make a stupid discussion of going in the forest at night alone? She doesn't have backing from her father (from the flashback of him crushing flowers under his feet) her mother is dead. That means she survived on her own in the palace so why doesn't she use her brain in that situation, we can say she has never been in the village but still. Updating stability - Creation is hard I will give props to the author here. World background - The setting is a fantasy world but more can be done in this. Will I recommend this story? Yes, I will. keep up the great work author ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘.


Overall : The book synopsis and cover was amazing and the same goes for the story. The royalty themed story was able to be seen and the story was great!! Writing quality : the writing style was good! Though there were some small minor grammar mistakes here and there but itโ€™s fine, itโ€™s didnโ€™t affect the reading!! Updating : I know creation can be hard but I can see the efforts put into it bu the author!! Characters : the characters were well written and it made them seem interesting. There were also some descriptions on how the characters look like which made the visualisation of them better!! Emily as the princess and Lily as the village girl was good!! World background : There could be more descriptions to describe the world in the fantasy setting but the royalty setting could be seen well! My thoughts : The story was a great read to me, it had the potential and I would love to see more of the story! I would love to also see how Emily and Lily develop as the story chapter goes on! I liked the story and hope you keep up the amazing work of yours! Good job author!! โœจโœจ


Hi author, well thought out story. Characters are nicely designed and the author has got her own unique way to write. There are minor spelling errors which I believe, will be improve by the time. So, dear author, continue with your good work. My best wishes!


Excellent Work. The synopsis, the characters, the writing quality, and the story development... great. There are not many chapters but these chapters are more than enough to show the story potential. Royalty themed novels are my favorite of all the time. Character Emily and Lilly i want to see how they developed in future. specially Emily. And it has great potential. You're doing an excellent job, keep it up.




yay! I like it! A great story for people who fantasy and romance! The characters are well developed and its a fun world that the author has created! there are a few issues here and there with grammar but it doesn't stop the flow of reading at all! Keep it up!


Nice story. It effectively projects the lifes and stories of the characters while adhering to the plot. Also, the plot is interesting and surely worth reading. The characters are also well developed and can be differentiated by actions and words.


Writing Quality: Perfect but some minor grammatical errors here and there but it's fine, and didn't affect much the reading!! Story development/ work background: Vast, medium-paced, exquisite and could be more descriptive towards the world in the fantasy but royalty setting could be seen!! Character design: The characters are well portrayed and describing them in detail made the visualization of them better!! comparing the two main female characters I liked Emily better. My thoughts: It's a good read and I'm in love with the book. The story has great potential and would love to see how the story goes further. Highly recommended!! keep up the good work, author! Kudos!!


At first I thought that this would be any normal romance novel, but after reading the story I was amazed how you wrote everything. Everything from the characters and the world is loveable in my opinion, so keep going.


Hi author, your book is nice and worth reading. The character lily makes me smile, she's quite ambitious but with good reason. Your grammar is fine, wayyyyyy better than mine but the discrimination of actions of the characters needs alittle work. Aside from that the book is a nice one. Well done author.


Feels dreamy and entertaining. Each characters were described clearly and decently, the narration is also easy the comprehend. The plot is simple yet unique in its own way. I honestly thought it was like an isekai/transmigration story so I was quite surprised to discover it wasn't. Either way is good though, but I think this story is indeed impressive. I suggest you give more depth to the descriptions and remarks to make it more fun to read. Also, you could add more details to the scenes to help the readers imagine the amazing world you have built through writing. Keep it up!


It's an interesting story with unexpected twists. I encourage you to give it a try and if you are into stories about princesses, friendship, and love, you will love this one. Keep up the great work, author! ๐Ÿ‘


I really thought this was a reincarnation story based on the title (lol my mistake) but after reading the synopsis it's more interesting than I assumed it will be. The world building is good and the characters are well fleshed out too. Overall, it's worth the read!


Well, first I need to say that I'm not really into stories which take place in kingdom and all. I have a hard time keeping up and being immersed in the story. But this story is well written, what I mean is that the author had done a good job in the first chapters by already setting the plot and the characters. World Background: Good description of the world background!! Writing Quality: There are a few grammatical mistakes or sentences that can be written differently. Characters design: the author did a good job describing the characters since the first chapter, we roughly know their behaviors since the beginning, I'm waiting to see the development of the Fl she seems too dull for me now. Keep going!! For people who like this genre, you should give this story a try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


such an intriguing plot ,well detailed also .. mostly the female friendship which is not usually seen in novels ,keep it author . very well written also ..


What would it feel like if I'm a princess? I want to be a princess since I was a kid and I would love to switch places with a princess. Basically, I'm saying that as a nutshell on this novel. This reminds me of some movies that switch places and the author's narration is smooth. Support the author and give this novel a read!


Its a really good story,you're really good with descriptions ,I could clearly imagine everything unfold in my mind.Keep up the good work,your boom will do amazing .


I like it, the plot and the characters....It is a fresh novel to binge on. The quality is simple but I love it that way ๐Ÿ˜Š Anyway keep up the great job dear author


This story has an interesting plot. I like the pacing of the story and how it started with one of the leads bonding with her friends. I hope to see more friendship bonding in the later episodes. Though grammar can still be improved for easier reading, this is still a good read. Nice job! Keep on updating! :) I will keep this in my collection and wait for more updates! :)


An interesting premise for a story, a tried and true scenario that can be done in a unique way. The story flows nicely in the beginning and the characters seem well defined and believable. I love the way the story is woven, and am really enjoying this author's voice. Definitely check out this book! Keep up the good work.


I like how the story is about two girls/women of different backgrounds and lives. The characters were well-made. Indeed, there's still room for improvement the story was great! The plot is intriguing and fascinating. keep it up!


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