My ruthless CEO husband : multitallented wifey Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

My ruthless CEO husband : multitallented wifey


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Ahbigell was daughter of a rich family. But was mistreated by her family and neglected by them also cheated by her boyfriend with her stepsister which left her devasted and she decided to get revenge for all her suffering .so, One day she plan to drug no. 1 Actor Davis Jones to get some fame but ended up drugging Davis's brother Kyle Jones and was forced to sleep with him. And was forced to marry him with some conditions and 3 year contract marriage. (Kyle was young, handsome and richest person of Earth. Kyle has women disorder i.e. he was allergic to women and ahbigell was only one who can touch him and possibly cure his disease) (Ahbigell was smart and beautiful girl and always dreamt to became actress but her step sister snatches all her opportunities and throw her aside) Will Ahbigell and Kyle ever love each other or will they end up hating each other for there misfortune?? . . . . . . . Author: Rosy