1 We are together

Mentus and I have been friends from our childhood and he has been a strong hold that I have always relied on. Today at the age of 25, I have been acknowledged as one of the world's greatest Monarch's only because of his support and he has rightfully earned his place in the kingdom as the Army general and one of my most trusted advocates. Today I am the Pharaoh of Egypt with the boundaries of my kingdom spreading wider than before, gaining reputation for the immense infrastructure of buildings and the advancement of medicine.

"What's the latest news from our spies that were deployed among the Hittites?" I asked as I walked with Mentus in my private garden.

" Nothing interesting to report your Majesty. The Hittites are currently dealing with the internal power conflicts in their royal court. The capturing of the Hittite land last month has been forgotten by the court officials. Anyway their war strategies are nothing when compared to ours, your Majesty. Please rest assured, Egypt will not face any difficulty because of those people".

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"I always trust you Mentus. Did you look into the other matter that I told you about Nefertari?."

"Yes your Majesty... After you appointed her highness, Queen Nefertari as the the Great Royal Queen, some of your consorts and their families tried to spread rumors that having a Queen with no beneficial background is a disgrace for Egypt. However the commoners all love her highness and knows how much your Majesty loves her, therefore the rumors were soon ignored. In fact some good hearten commoners were offering prayers at the Temple of Ra to have your first born through Queen Nefertari".

Just the thought of having my children with Nefartari makes me smile. I can still remember it like yesterday when I first met her during one of the rounds that I do in the capital city Memphis, disguised as a commoner. We both wanted to ride a boat along the Nile river but only one boat was remaining for hire. When I requested her to take the boat for herself , she insisted that I join as she feels guilty for taking the last boat. I can still remember those big brown eyes that looked at me when I tried to start a conversation. One good look at her face once she removed the stole, made me fall for her. It was love at first sight. It's not just her beauty but her kindness towards me that made me fall so hard for her. Before we got off the boat, I got as much of the information needed for me to pursuit her later on . She loved the Nile river and I promised myself that when I make her mine, the part of the palace that I will give her would have a clear view of the Nile river.

She was shocked when she found out that the commoner that she met earlier was actually her Pharaoh. She begged her forgiveness and feared , even to look at me. It was later that I learned that my father , King Tutankhamen had killed her family accusing them of treason and only spared her as she was a child. It took me long enough to help her get over her fear for the Royal family. When I brought her to live in my palace as my consort, many officials were against it . Normally they wouldn't give a damn about the harem matters , but the word spread fast that she was my most favorite consort. They tried to use her past family matters, her background and lack of connections as a reason for me to let go of her but with time , they did realize that I am the Pharaoh and that no one can dictate what I should do or whom I should love. 2 years later , when I conferred her the title of the Great Royal Queen and married her in the presence of the whole nation, they knew better to keep their bloody mouths shut in the court. That's why they spread the rumors but Nefertari's kindness and welfare activities towards the poor had won the hearts of all of my citizens. Eventually the rumors were short lived.

I was brought back from my thoughts of Nefertari , when Mentus took his leave.

At first I gave Nefertari the best chamber in the harem and I visited her everyday and dined with her always.It got her the respect of many officials in the court and many of the consorts but as soon as she became my Great Royal Queen, I got her to shift to my chamber. Now she is with me at all times. She handles all matters of the harem. In short if any consort needs to speak to me , they would need my dear Nefertari's permission.

As soon as I entered the room, Nefertari got up from her chair and ran towards me. She hugged me tight and said , "I missed you Sese" ( The pet name that Nefertari had given me. No one other than Nefertari , not even my best friend Mentus can call me Sese).I hugged her back and took a step away to admire her beauty. She was wearing a satin blue dress exposing her legs and her shoulders and adorned with the jewelry that I especially designed for her and the golden head band that is similar to my crown with the symbol of the serpent ,displaying pure royalty. I took her into my arms again and whispered "You are mine, now nobody can even think of taking you away from me, my Nefertari"

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