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thanks for the effort author-san 👌👊🙏 moreeeeee moreeeeeee moreeeeee moreeeeeee moreeeeee moreeeeeee moreeeeee moreeeeeee moreeeeee moreeeeeee


Overall, this story has an intriguing setting that sparked my interest right from the start. The author only has minor problems with grammar so it wasn't at all an hindrance towards readability. Can't wait to read more as I presume this might be the type of story where everything will slowly reveal itself through the course of time. Would recommend to readers of any caliber, since I am not a into the romance genre this still caught my attention. Please keep writing author.


This is by far the most original setting so far that I've seen on this site. The story is well written and uses its unique setting to add something new to the main plot.


I love romance stories, i read romance light novels, i read shoujo manga, i've read a lot of these types of stories but the type that has a historical setting never made my sights but this one after giving it a read i have to say we got a great romantic story in the making here, impacable grammar, interesting characters, and a rare but welcome setting Egypt, are a few things that will make me come back for more so keep it going author this is promessing!


Disclaimer: Types of stories like these are not my cup of tea, so I won’t lie, I did not go far in this story. But from what I read, I will give an honest review. It is a good story for readers who lije stiff like this. Your writing is good and interesting, although you have grammar mistakes that need to be fixed(dialogue and the big spaces you have between the commas). Break up your paragraphs a little, too. Other than that I seen no other problems, your character building is good and the ones who like stories like this, will enjoy it. Keep up the good work!


Wonderful plot. Historical romance described in the Egyptian setup. NICE... Brewing romance in the middle of misunderstanding, very interesting. Overall Review: Very interesting story, the characters are well built and the plot isn't rushed. You can just imagine the story in your head as you read the words and images will unfold with the description... anyways that's what happens for me when I read a good book ;) just like a movie! Suggestion: Few paragraphs are too long so you can break them into smaller ones for better readability. Kudos. :)


A well-written story, An interesting romance! The story is of high quality; it flows wonderfully smooth. The grammar is on point. It describes the characters interestingly and the plot of the story is intriguing. So far it only has 7 chapters, and it definitely has got everything right. Well done!


So far so good! Carry on releasing! Can't wait to read more of it!


Reveal spoiler


This is a romantic misunderstanding love story. It has great promises. I can already see that there will be alot of followers for this story. It is a wonderful story. The MC clearly loves his wife while the wife has a mysterious past. Thanks for sharing this wonderful and awesome story!:)


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Great storyline. Great character design. Great romance plotline. overly it's just a really good story. I highly recommend it. keep it up Author👍