1 The Blake family of the East

I'm a big estate where it is homed by the Blake family. They owned a village walled, and their very own estate planted in the middle of all that is located in the Far East. They were born with rare blood that they acquired from their ancestors, which makes them very important in the royal council. Hades Blake, and Marciel Blake is the current Nobles of the Blake family. They have 3 children, Oasis blake(3), Vivian Blake(9), and Vorpir Blake(21), who was the next heir of the Blake Family. People described Vorpir as a Vicious killer who is one not to give mercy to his enemies. Since he was just a little kid, fighting was his own interest and would even watch his dad train on his younger days. Since then he became that strong man who his father always wanted him to be, but in a story there will always be the dad who supports his son on focused battles, while there is the mother who disapproves of his own son getting involved in one. And that story is Vorpir's.

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