My Robinhood System Book

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My Robinhood System


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How many attempts do you get to complete an Isekai story? Peter Harrington is reincarnated into the lore of his favorite legendary hero. However, he lands in a fantasy world with game elements and a difficult mode. His only hope for survival in a medieval world brimming with magic and monsters is a system designed by overpowered primordial beings. Pete wedges his way through the RPG world, as it becomes progressively more real than life. However, he goes astray from the main storyline for too long. The game crashes, and he returns to the source in the nick of time. The story is rebooted as Pete gets a second chance, the Robinhood System reaching him in the real world before his death. Join the main protagonist as he struggles to stay true to the main storyline while every game character and event try to lead him astray. Time is of the essence, and there must be a minimum number of attempts a player gets to complete the Isekai and win the game. -------------------------------------------------------- Read this: If you are a fan of high fantasy, folklore, isekai, system, and reincarnation. There is a system in this story, but the plot does not rely heavily on it. There will be a pull of LitRPG and a push of GameLit. You can expect crossover of fantasy elements from other tropes. If this description is appealing to you, Bon-Appetit! -------------------------------------------------------- This is my WSA 2022 entry. Please support with golden tickets, powerstones, and gifts. Thanks! -------------------------------------------------------- This is my 2nd story on WN. My first, God Formula, was a WPC winner. I have a preview (GOD FORMULA- Preview) of that story on this account (30 chapters). You can read the updated chapters of GOD FORMULA by searching for it on Webnovel.