1 Chapter 1

"Is this the restaurant I will inherit?" Chen Ze looked at the building in front of him excitedly, with some expectations in his heart.

"Yes, Mr. Chen Ze, according to Old Mr. Wang Qing's will, as long as you can sign this agreement, then you are the owner of this restaurant." The lawyer with glasses handed out a contract.

The content of the contract was not much. Chen Ze quickly read the three-page contract, signed the name quickly, and pressed his fingerprint by the way.

Chen Ze doesn't think he will sell this restaurant or transform it into another store. Chen Ze is already satisfied with such a restaurant in the center of the provincial capital.

After the lawyer confirmed that he was correct, he handed the title certificate and other documents to Chen Ze.

"Congratulations, Mr. Chen Ze, now you are the owner of Unusual Dream Restaurant." The lawyer shook Chen Ze's hand formulaically.

"Also, in order to complete the inheritance of the entire estate, you also need to deal with other procedures with us."

After listening to the lawyer, Chen Ze quickly nodded.

After a busy day, Chen Ze finally finished all the procedures. When he stood in front of the door of Unusual Dream Restaurant again, the moon had already climbed into the sky.

"It's… a dreamlike week…" Chen Ze touched the front door of the restaurant, feeling a little illusory in his heart.

"Didn't expect, I just helped an old man who fell and sent him to the hospital, and got such a big return." Chen Ze looked at the key in his hand and the title certificate in the backpack, and couldn't help but Smirked.

Art comes from life, but it is higher than life. Chen Ze feels that he now has a thorough understanding of what this sentence means, his experience, and he dare not even make a movie like that.

This is the city center, where it costs 50000 RMB per square meter. Chen Ze calculated his salary. He worked hard for a year and could only buy 2 square meters.

"Let me see the decoration inside." Chen Ze opened the door and walked in slowly.

Turning on the lights, Chen Ze can see the whole picture of the restaurant thoroughly, and the overall decoration style is biased towards the style of Western restaurants.

"It's weird, what I found on the Internet seems a little different from the reality?" Chen Ze touched his chin.

According to the online search, this restaurant should have not been open for a year, but there is no dust on the table and other places, and it is as clean as it was opened yesterday.

"Perhaps Elderly Grandpa often sends someone to clean it, right?" Chen Ze didn't think much about it. It's a good thing that the restaurant is clean. After paying all kinds of fees, the money he has saved with hard work is running out.

Thinking of adding the money for hiring Chef and waiters, Chen Ze felt that his wallet was about to be emptied.

Chen Ze walked around the restaurant, and then walked up to the second floor. He knew from the contract before that the restaurant had 2 floors, one basement and one second floor.

The second floor is smaller than the first floor, but Chen Ze is very satisfied because the second floor is a place for people to live.

"But I still have to buy furniture, so let's make do with my bedding before…" Chen Ze quickly finished looking at the second floor.

"Next, it's the basement…" Chen Ze walked down slowly, and then saw a girl with pink hair sitting in the dining room.

"Huh? This beauty, hasn't opened business yet, please…" Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, he remembered that he had put a sign that he was out of business at the door.

Why do some guests still come in?

This girl's hair color is also very unique…Chen Ze sighed in his heart.

The girl with pink hair heard the sound and turned around and looked towards Chen Ze.

Chen Ze was stunned. The girl a year ago was very beautiful, but for Chen Ze, who has experienced many influences from Internet celebrities, this is not enough to make him stunned.

What surprised Chen Ze was that the other party's ears were pointed, just like the elves in the movie they watched before.

And her complexion is gray.

"Are you cosplay? Is there any comic show nearby?" Chen Ze laughed, he thought he had discovered the truth.

The girl on the opposite side frowned. She tilted her head to look at Chen Ze and opened her mouth: "@~."

Chen Ze looked blank, he did not understand what the other party was saying.

It should not be English, at least he can understand some English.

The other party saw Chen Ze's confusion, frowns, and said something again, but Chen Ze still couldn't understand.

The girl was silent for a while, slowly raised her hand, and a purple rays of light pierced Chen Ze's eyes instantly.

"Fuck, are you still playing with laser pointers? Are you suffering from a 2nd illness? I don't know if this will scare people?" Chen Ze rubbed his eyes in pain, and he felt that he was going blind.

"Now, do you understand what I'm saying." The girl's voice came again.

"Heh, do you know how to speak Chinese now? You can speak Chinese and speak early." Chen Ze shook his head, he felt that this girl was afraid that she had run out of the mental hospital.

"Inferior race, I don't understand what Chinese you speak. This is Arcane Wisdom, so you can understand me." The frowns girl looked at Chen Ze. She was a little dissatisfied with Chen Ze's attitude.

"Inferior race? Arcane Wisdom? Girl, you are playing a game of cultivation deviation." Chen Ze affirmed his ideas more and more.

Then he handed the girl two playing cards he found in the bedroom on the second floor.

The girl looked at the poker cards in front of her with a puzzled face, she gently touched it, and a purple light flashed past.

"What's this?" The girl retracted her hand, she couldn't understand the characters above.

"Sister, let's stop making trouble. This is a poker card. Don't pretend that you have a second disease."

"Inferior race, you should respect Priestess Rose who serves Spider Goddess!" Rose frowns, she sensed the ridicule in Chen Ze's words.

"Spider Goddess?" Chen Ze smiled, he took out his phone and shook the head.

"What's this?" Rose looked at Chen Ze's phone and picked up the scepter on the side warily.

"I advise you to put down your weapons, and I am going to call the police, you still have time to go out now." Chen Ze yawned disapprovingly.

"Spider silk." Rose raised his scepter.

"Nerv…" Before he finished speaking, Chen Ze found himself tied up, and the white silk tightly wrapped his body.

"Fuck?" Chen Ze was dumbfounded.

Rose walked up to him and put the scepter on Chen Ze's head. The cold touch brought Chen Ze back to his senses.

"I ask you a question, and you answer me if dare to swindle me…" The scepter pressed down.

Chen Ze swallowed, nodded.

"Where is this?"

"Unusual Dream Restaurant, I just came in today…"

"who are you?"

"Chen Ze, the boss of the restaurant."

"Are you Lich's subordinate?"

"Lich? I don't know what you are talking about."

Rose was silent for a while, removed the scepter, and sat back in his place.

"Aren't you the boss of the restaurant? Get me something to eat, I'm hungry." Rose shook her fingers, and the spider silk entwining Chen Ze disappeared into the air.

"Huh?" Chen Ze was dumbfounded again.

"If you can't eat it, then it proves that you are a liar. I will kill you and sacrifice to Spider Goddess." Rose's eyes were very unfriendly.

Chen Ze began to think about how to survive, who didn't know how to cook through childhood and only made instant noodles.

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