5 Divorce

It's been a week since they quarreled and li gao sheng is nowhere to be seen. ye yao lin was thinking of how to divorce him but when she doesn't see him, she can do nothing.

she can't just sit still and wait for him to back , who knows he'll back after a few months , by that time everyone can see her belly bumps and she didn't want that to happen.

it's risky for her child if she insists on staying here longer . Gu xiou qin is a vile person if she knew about her pregnantcy then she will do anything to get rid of her.

ye you lin got out from his room and went to her car , if li gao sheng doesn't want to go home then she'll go to his company.she didn't put any make up or wear a fancy dress just a casual clothes are enough, she often did that in her previous life, she wants to look beautiful in front of him and hope he will notice her but nahh you know that already....he doesn't care at all ! so it's not worth it to dressed up for him.

it takes her twenty minutes to reach the entrance building , it seems like the employees are on their lunch time, she went to the front desk to ask where li gao sheng was and she noticed how the employee looked at her rudely everyone wear a good clothes and looks elegent while her just like an ordinary people who only knows how to take advantage of their handsome ceo

"such a bitch ,how can she be here"

"she know that our CEO is handsome"

"she is nothing compared to our beauty Gu xiou qin"

"hey..isn't it our CEO married to another woman?"

"stop it it's not our business to interfere"

"calm down I don't want to seduce your CEO dude I want to stay away from him as much I can." ye you Lin said with a low voice.

"is that so?"

"yes of cours, why not he is a jerk" she said inadvertently without knowing who she talked to.

Then she heard one of the employee called 'CEO'

she realized her words and turned around to see the person behind her, she shocked when she see the handsome guy in front of her 'oh what a lucky day! I get a chance to curse him while he is here!'

"Oo my CEO..you're here?..what a coincidence, I'm here too" ye you Lin looked like a dead frog while talking to him.

he looked at her coldly "coincidence?...why are you here, go back before i drive you away by my self" then he walked away to the elevator.

seing that ye you lin slip away from the front desk to the elevator he entered. "what are you doing...are you looking trouble with me right now?"

ye you lin tensed up "mr li gao sheng..i have been waiting you at home for a long time..and.i..i have something to ask you..can you give me a little bit your time?" she didn't get any respond from him.

"please." she looked at him with pleading eyes.

he exhaled roughly.

"Don't try to play any trick,or i'll crash you without hesitation, come with me" he got out of the elevator and went to his office.

"yes mr li" ye you lin following him behind , so it's still hard for her to not felt any pain from his words even though she heard it many time in the past but it's not easy to turn away from the person she once loved.

In the past, when it's come about li gao sheng she'll do anything , every time she was scolded by him she'll putting a smile on her face, she hurt but that doesn't matter as long as she can stay near to him then everything is okay. she tries to be the best for him even he doesn't appreciated it, how stupid she is before.


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