6 Divorce 2


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She enter li gao sheng office and closed the door behind her , she sighed before she turned around to face him " Im here...be" she not finished her sentence when she realized how close she was with li gao sheng.

she can smell his fragrance , every woman will surely be seduced by him, including herself of course. but that not the case now she still has things that need to settle.

it looks like he doesn't want to move and continued to stare at her coldly . she can't stand it , she can't breath, they didn't make any movement for one minute. "You want to die for holding your breath?" then he went to his desk.

hearing what he just say ye you Lin finally let out her breath ' finally he moved away or else I'll die for the second time' she stand in front of his desk but not to close like before.

"will you went home tonight?" she tried to control her voices for not being rude to him.

"I don't think you have the right to know" he doesn't looked at her while saying that.

"But I have something important to discuss with you"

"about what?" he still not looked at her and just focused on the report in his hand.

"about..em...our divorce" she can't say it louder , she hopes he'll not object.

and finally he lifted his head up to face ye you Lin but he still calm and expressionless.

"so you here because you want divorce?....ye you Lin it's not you being rude right now"

"no Mr li you misunderstood my intentions.. I mean , I just dont want you to live unhappy , I know that your heart still into Ms gu , so I will give my place as your wife to her" ye you Lin tried to hide her intentions to divorce him , he can't know it or her plans will be ruined but who she want to fool , li gao sheng will surely know it if she doesn't act fast.

he stay calm as before not bothered by their discussion "are you done?"

"what?" ye you lin was stunned , is he object, why he doesn't answer it.

"you should go home first , I still have a lot of work to do" he continued to read the report.

"but" ye you Lin still wants the answer now

"why you don't want to?" he frowning , he doesn't want any objection from her.

"oh okay..then I hope you will consider this matter later"

then she turn back want to open the door , suddenly she was bumped into someone.

"I'm so sorry I didn't see you" ye you Lin said while holding the pain in her nose she can smell blood and something was flowing out form her nose. she grab a tissue from her purse to stop the bleeding.

"how dare you to bumped on me , you bitch!"

hearing her voices ye you Lin looked at the women who's upset now , it was her the evil woman GU xiou qin.

" it's you ms GU" ye you Lin tried to suppressing her feeling, it's not time yet if li gao sheng are not here maybe she will crash her till die.


"are you mad?" ye you lin interrupted her before she finished her sentence.

GU xiou qin want to curse her right away but she realized there was also li gao sheng watched them she need to keep her behavior.

"oh I'm so sorry Mrs li , are you alright , you're bleeding don't you need to go hospital?" GU xiou qin act like she cares about ye you Lin. Then she look towards li gao sheng ,

li gao sheng heard what gu xiou qin said then he rose from his chair to ye you Lin.

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