4 Appreciate the kindness

ye you Lin doesn't take her mother in law words to heart she just smiled at her with her beautiful face . she know that her mother in law always support Gu xiou qin at the back because the engagement between li gao sheng and GU xiou qin in the past.

she needs to act smart if she want to achieve what she want for her second life.

Then she heard sound of footsteps, she know it was li gao sheng , from her previous life she doesn't know li gao sheng will appeared there while she make a fuss because the word that Mrs li and Gu xiou qin have talked to her and that thing's make ye you Lin like an immature person in his eyes.

After a moment's silence . she thought of something, Then she smiles she doesn't want to make the same thing as before she was more mature after four years life in suffer. she looked at li gao sheng parents with an understanding face.

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ye you Lin "Ma and pa I know that you always wanted the perfect daughter in law like Ms Gu but because of me their engagement are canceled "

she paused for a second and continued to speak "it's okay..Ms Gu can replace me as my husband wife , and me... Im not deserve him" "That was not possible. The outsider wasn't sure who's the wife of li gao sheng so we can..." before she finished her words someone grasp her arm and pulls her to stand.

Her eyes are wide open seeing the man who's still hold her arm . The man's eyes were looking up at her. She was quiet for a moment .Her attention was to make him divorce her after hearing her offer but she never think that he'll act like this. The people in the living room was speechless . Gu xiou qin was the first person back to her sense.

with a soft voice she said "Brother Gao sheng , you're were here, are you going to work now...My car is broken can you give me a ride too?." she smiled at him, then she notice his hand was still holding ye you Lin arm. Her face a little upset.

Li gao sheng didn't mind her and just stared at his wife "Are you done talking nonsense?....now follow me" then he just pulls ye you lin to their room.

Mrs li who's seeing her son attitude to GU xiou qin make her upset "Gao sheng why you ignore qin qin question?" she said, but her son didn't spare her a look and just going upstairs with ye you lin.

Being ignore by her son make her more upset then she looking at GU xiou qin that was holding back her tears.

Mrs li "qin qin I'm so sorry about gao sheng attitude. I don't know why he be like this don't be sad okay , you heard the word Lin Lin just spoken there is hope for you to be gao sheng wife soon" after she said that she looked at her husband and he just pretended not to hear what his wife was saying while reading his newspaper.

Gu xiou qin who's next her was happy hearing her words " Are you sure I still can be gao sheng wife?"

Madam li knows she was happy now then she answer her with a loud voice "of cours our qin qin is always my beloved daughter in law!".


After entered their room she shake her arm to break free from his graps.

ye you lin " what are you doing? why you take me here again?"

li gao sheng "what is your intension to make that offer just now" his eyes sharpened.

ye you lin didn't answer his question and stared at him. she need to get rid the person she love first before starting her revenge. She planed to going abroad to america for a few years and rising her child because she know she will be pregnant soon after their first night together.

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