3 3:The reborn

"Aaargghh...what did you do to me!" she yelled at him and tried to cover her body with her hand and her face turned red she could not bear her embarrassment.

li gao sheng knitted his eyebrows "what am i doing?" his gaze sharpened then he rose from the bed "you should ask yourselft , who's the one that climbed someone else bed ?" then he walked to the bathroom without looking back to her leave her alone.

hearing his words once again ye you Lin recalled the past in her previous life she remember she was the one who's take advantage of him when he was drunk that night .

And when he woke up in the next day he acted same as before he is neither angry nor happy. she though that he like it but who knows he started to putting distance between them.

It's was because she really love him that she was willing to do such a thing like that , and the the worst thing is she never felt ashamed about it.

but now she felt it was the most embarrassing thing ever, she wished she could hide from it!

ye you lin quickly wearing her clothes back and run out of the room if this really her second Chance that god gave her than she needs to analyze this situation before taking action doesn't want the same thing happened again.

she needs to protect everything that belong to her even she has to change her destiny.

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In the living room there's was mr and madam li also li gao sheng ex fiancee gu xiou qin the one that responsible for her life misfortune . seeing her again she couldn't help but swearing her in heart.

when they saw ye you lin coming down they told her to sit with them ye you Lin tries to surpass her anger with smiles

"you lin ahh did you have your breakfast already?" her mother in law asked her with her soft voice.

"Not yet mother i was late in bed last night so I..." she smiled shyly and look at Gu xiou qin the woman face turned angry , when she look at her again it's gone Gu xiou qin now was smiled at her.... not bad

"Are you Ms Gu?" she pretended to be shocked "I'm sorry I didn't mean to show off in front of you" she paused then continued again "after all you are my husband EX FIANCEE its must be hard for you to accept that he was another person husband now" she put a sad face on her.

Gu xiou qin surpass her anger and answer her with soft voice "Mrs Li is so kind! you don't need to think about it , its was all in the past , now you should just take care about your marriage and brother gao sheng , it will take long time for you to know him well like me , I've been engaged with him for a year so I know how is him , but if not because of you the one that saved gao xin maybe we are married now" if not because you saved that little brat gao sheng little brother it's was me the one that married to brother gao sheng! Gu xiou qin though.

she didn't show her emotions and smiled "it's okay we can only repay you with this married so I'm willing to let go of him weather he is with me or you we still can be friends, right mother Shu hua" she looked at madam li, li gao sheng mother , with her words she was telling that ye you Lin is the hindrance the marriage of her and li gao sheng

madam li looked at her and glanced toward ye you Lin "That's right our qin qin is the best she willing to give up on her fiancee to repay you, Lin Lin you should appreciate her kindness" madam li said with a sorrowful voice she was a bit upset when her husband suddenly canceled her son engagement with Gu xiou qin to repay ye you lin.

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