2 2:The reborn

ye you lin doesn't dare to open her eyes she tried to calm herself.

It's not her fault, she didn't do anything wrong, she just so stupid because of love , she just want him to treat her like another husband do.

Maybe she was wrong too she build the hope by herself, she doesn't want to accept the reality that he will never love her.

But now she can accept it. Is it to late to face the reality now?

Never mind she will not see him again she can rest now she tired of everything that happened in these four years.


After a few minutes has past she start to feel weird 'what's going on..am I die already?..I didn't feel any pain again' she

she tried to open her eyes slowly she can see the white ceiling , it's beautiful and the decorate look familiar with her wedding room.

'wait..' she looked the ceiling Her eyebrows fluttered in surprise and began to realize

It's not just familiar but it's same!

this is her wedding room with li gao sheng

how she can be here again?

she was so shocked at the moment or..is it haven now? but she can feel her heartbeat it's mean she is life...but how?

she looks around the room , its really her wedding room! Her ayes are wide open now.

is it dream or reality? she pinched her cheeks

"ouch!..it's not dream!" she blurted out

"I was given the second life?" she hesitated.

once again she looked the room and it's no sign of Gu xiou qin and no blood on her. "am I really reborn?"

' how could it be?'

she so confuse it's was four years ago since she been here.

Back then she was 20 years old and li gao sheng is 26 years old.she can't understand this what's going on!

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ye you Lin " I..I..what's.."

"you're wake"

A familiar voice stoped her to talk.Her heart beat fast.It's been a month since the accident she didn't' hear this cold voice.

'li gao sheng?'

she shocked and wake from her position she was sitting on the bed, she quickly looked the person next to her . Seeing the face of the person make her more shock and almost faint..

' it's really li gao sheng!'

"Mr li..what are you doing here?" her voice was startled.

The man stared at her "am I not allowed to be here?" his gaze was sharp that can make anybody shivers with it.

ye you Lin speechless he's talking to her again.it's been a month since they haven't spoken to each other ,Li gao sheng is her beloved husband he was ye you Lin priorities she can endure for such humiliation for him but she can't accept it when her husband who's the one in trouble.

when he spoke to her again she couldn't believe it , she has been ignored by him for a month she had no chance to explain that she was innocent and being framed by gao xiou qin.

she looked at him , after regained her sense she said.

"I..I..it's not what I mean Mr li its just.."

li gao sheng " Are you done?.. then get out of here" he doesn't waited for her to finished her words and just told her to go.

He was cold hearted , hearing his words her heart sank!

ye you Lin slowly get out of the bed while her brain trying too understand what the situation just now , at the same time when she already standing near the bed , then she realize there's were no clothes on her! she looked at li gao sheng she can see his Adam apple.

seeing this she remembered the same situation four years ago when her first day married to li family, she can't help but butler out.

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