1 1:The beginning of reborn

It's cold during the night, she just continued to stand on the balcony .

she never think that one day she would be lost at this fate the fear make her body shiver ,she feel so depressed that can make her vomit.

with her hoars voice she said "it's not me, how can you not believe me" she looking the garden in front of her.

Then she laugh.."Ha ha ha!"

"Right, how can he hear me ? he doesn't want to see me to explain it!" she add.

Then tears fall down to her cheeks,she was heartbroken her man doesn't believe her, it feels like someone pierced her heart with needle.

He's willing to just believe the words that evil woman said how can he doesn't believe the person who has been with him for almost four year's.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door"Mrs Li it's time for your dinner you need to take the medicine on time don't forget it!" the butler said with a loud voice , he put the food on the table.


Then he just exit the room and lock the door again.

she staring blankly at the food, she doesn't have the appetite to eat and also don't have any intention to take the medicine.

she has lost everything that belong to her. There is no more reason for her to stay alive , right?.

After a few minutes past .


The lock door is open again.

Then a woman with proud face enter the room with her disdain look.

she's some how show that she look down on her.

look at her fate now, she said.

"it's so sad that Mr Li doesn't believe you anymore Mrs Li, or should I call you Ms ye again now"

ye you Lin "what do you mean?"

the atmosphere around them changed.

The woman see the change at ye you Lin face she satisfied

" ye you lin don't you have enough ?Mr li will divorce you soon don't you think that you don't have the right place to being impolite to me. However I'll replace you as Mrs li from now, you're useless so just die!"

ye you Lin " Gu xiou qin how can you do this to me?" she stared at her.

Gu xiou qin "ye you Lin just die okay..or I'll help you to die in peace just don't show your face in front of us again!..he's mine now..he's mine!!" she laughs

She turn crazy and run toward ye you Lin, she took out the knife she hide , Then stab it right into ye you Lin heart.

ye you Lin felt the pain , her legs tremble and her face paled because she lost a lot of blood

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"xiou qin ah...if we meet again in the next life I'll let you feel my pain in this life time" she smiles and close her eyes tears flowed to her cheeks.

Gu xiou qin "I..I..I'll not let you do that to me so just die okay I'll pray for your soul at church don't worry you got my bless" she paled , sweat on her forehead.

ye you Lin just smile she doesn't have any energy left to talk , she feels that god is so cruel to her, she lost everything her unborn child, her family and the love of her life li gao sheng.

Even though he never love her and never show any warm to her but she can't hate him, li gao sheng is her life how can she hate her life, stupid right.

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