My reborn is to love you again: My husband Mr li!My reborn is to love you again: My husband Mr li!

My reborn is to love you again: My husband Mr li!

by pandalysa

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What I'm gonna do with this second chance, god has a pity on me he gave the chance to return back time when I realized I was so stupid because of love. I was reborn , but I'll not love him again , I'll change my future I don't want to make the same mistake like I did in the previous life.... of course she'll take revenge on her death , the evil woman was the one that responsible for her misery life it's all her fault. ----------------------------------------------------------------- In order to protect her child she keeps her pregnant as a secret she needs to stay away from him , She will not allow them to take her child again! But is it the Father of her child will let her go easily? ***************** ye you Lin "I need to do this!" she was so confident. "li gao sheng let's divorce!" she looked at the man in front of her. The man just stood there , stared at her, he was calm like that was a normal thing for him. After a moment he said "deal" his voice was cold. "let's make a divorce contract" he adds. she knows about marriage contract but she never heard about divorce contract?. Never mind because she know she couldn't make him love her , he was so cold blooded she doesn't have the place in his heart , she doesn't want to get hurt again. she looked at him "Deal....where's the contract?" when he heard her answer he smirks. 'ye you Lin you think you can just go like that , you make it more interesting'...li gao sheng though "Good...very good ye you Lin!". ************************************* Author : Support my work or I will kill their child Ha ha ha ( evil laugh).... Joke -_-

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