My Prince Charming - Lovely Husband Book

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My Prince Charming - Lovely Husband


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Her niece married her fiancé and her sister in law plotted against her to kick her out of the house. Three years later, Wu Jinyan witnessed a road accident. She didn't think just a simple task of donating her blood would bring her a free husband. "Marry me" the man said. "I agree..." Wu Jinyan nodded. Only after getting married, she came to know her husband was the walking load of gold, the city's top businessman, Gu Zichen. -- "Holding hands, walking down the streets, had all the fun we made the best memories All those kisses, all that bliss I know, it was momentary Too good at predicting I've seen too many movies there's no perfect love story out there What a shame, whom to blame we've got no love in our story, no love no love in our story Darling, You don't have to be sorry You're now nothing for me to worry Why don't we end this just like we should? Why not just go on our separate ways? cause we've got no love in our, no love no love in our story" Gu Zichen gave a downcast look with a gloomy heart while listening to the latest song playing on the radio. He seemed to have understood the reason for his wife to run away from the country. Unknown to him, the person who sang the song was his wife. --- *The cover picture doesn't belong to me, all credits to the owner*


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