1 Piss off

In a cold morning In country Z a big brewing storm is about to pour.

Hey Rei!!! where in the world did you go?!Did you know that ma'am almost ate us alive? If you saw her earlier you can compare her to a Wild tigress!

"Oh I'm sorry l got stuck in the traffic but why are you so angry at me?Did I do something wrong?Sab??"

"Yess you did something wrong and that is you being late,your lateness trigered ma'am to get mad at us. Ahhh!!!!" Sab,shouted.

"Oh then I'm sorry I didn't mean it Sab,I'll explain it later to ma'am.:

"Okay,okayyy. Tsk but why are you always late?? I mean you have your own driver and car.Tsk,I'm so mad!"

"Ahmm you know my house is far from here plus the traffic so that's why."

" okay get your things and let's go to the cafeteria, I'm famished huhuu."

"HAHAHA OK ok you glutton...."


"Hey guys I will transfer to your class from today onwards,I hope we will take care of each other!! Thank you!"

"ok guyss you heard her,please take care of her and boys please stay away from her hehe... she is very dangerous"


Sharhon Rheil Carter,beauty,talent,brain,and attitude.No one is perfect they say but she is the epitome of a perfect girl. A lovely girl and also the richest woman in the country,Princess Sharhon.At a young age she has her own company and businesses to run, she is an independent university student and also the Newton of their school.Many boys wanted to woo her but she rejects them politely and that's what makes them fall for her even more.

No one knew her status in the school except Sabrina Kim Kray,also known as Sab.

Sab is the youngest daughter of the Kray Clan and also the heiress of the Kray Corporation. Sabrina is a childhood friend and also best friend of Reil. They grew up in the palace from a young age and now an independent woman. Sab also has a Company that deals with IT's thing etc.

Reil and Sab started their companies with their own money,talents, and hardwork.Without the help of their families,their business are one of the promising companies in the country.

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