My Prince and I(The Royal Marraige) Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

My Prince and I(The Royal Marraige)


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NO MAJOR CONFLICTS AND MISUNDERSTANDING. Smooth Sailing. Rei is an independent,succesfull, and beautiful young woman. Ties to an arranged marraige by her family. Being the only Princess of her Country is a huge responsibility. --- She accidentally met a devastatingly handsome man whose looks are beyond the earth. Is it love at first sight? ------ Will she be able to love and accept her future other half? Rei: No!I am not marrying him! I don't even know him! His Majesty: Yes you will marry him!! And you know him! You are even close friends.! --------- Meanwhile Jez was smiling devilishly at himself, "We shall meet again,My Princess." Watch how they unfold their hidden feelings for each other. ---------- Cover Photo is not mine._ This is my first time writing a story. Hope you will support and enjoy it. Thanks!! -Kawaii_


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