My Power is Upgrading AnythingMy Power is Upgrading Anything

My Power is Upgrading Anything

by Amateurcreator

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Your strength is more powerful...hahaha then I just have to upgrade my power so I more powerful than you You Have a powerful pet...hahaha then I just have to upgrade this stray cat to become the primordial white tiger You have a powerful sword that can cut steel...hahaha then I just have to upgrade this kitchen knife to a divine weapon that can cut the heaven itself My power is Upgrading... This is my first time writing a story in English ... so I ask all of you readers for your advice I made this story for my pleasure and to make you enjoy it so don't give me your harsh comment If you want to read this then please read and if you don't, then go search other stories p.s All characters in this story belong to their own creator except my own creation First World: Douluo Dalu 2

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