24 Troubled Times Are Ahead, And Heroes Will Rise

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When collecting supplies, most people did not think of using cloth that absorbed water better, so they could only substitute with secondary plant fiber.

He pulled a handful of cloth from the corner of his cupboard, and Su Mo had made up his mind after counting them.

It should be enough!

After lighting the torch, Su Mo went carefully to the stone door to investigate exactly where the water was seeping.

Su Mo was relieved after lying on his stomach and watching for a while.

The place where the water was seeping was the lower right edge of the stone door.

Probably due to the uneven terrain, the shelter was actually slightly higher on the left and lower on the right.

It directly caused acid rain to seep in through the gap on the lower right.

Due to the uneven left and right, the left side was not leaking. Otherwise, it would be a problem if both were leaking.

"In that case, it's not very serious..."

Staring at the spot where water was seeping in little by little, Su Mo had a bold idea.

"If this acid rain could be collected, won't it be equivalent to a poison? And a strong one at that..."

Su Mo's brain was active in the luxurious shelter while others tried to survive the disaster.

The more Su Mo thought about it, the more he felt that it could be done. He said excitedly:

"Since this acid rain can't corrode anything except the human body, I'll simply make a guide rail and collect the acid rain leaking in with a tank!"

He dived right into it as soon as he finished speaking. Su Mo smoothened the cloth and carefully placed it where water was collecting.

Su Mo's heart was instantly relieved as he watched the water on the ground being quickly absorbed by the dry cloth.

The anxious Oreo seemed to sense the danger disappearing, and his teeth-baring expression eased.

While absorbing the water, Su Mo began to check yesterday's survival points harvest.

[Doomsday calendar Month 1 Day 5]

[You made it through the first night of disaster unscathed. (Survival points +5)]

[You gained a small increase in combat abilities with your continuous training. (Survival points +2)]

[You opened up the first small facility attached to the shelter—a drainage channel. (Survival points +30)]

[Your base has changed dramatically from the wooden age to the stone age. (Survival points +50)]

[You got your first ranged weapon, which gave you a huge leap in combat power. (Survival points +10)]

[Your long-range shooting ability has increased. (Survival points +2)]

[Scanning host survival environment. Survival points evaluation in progress. 52 survival points gained today.]


Total calculation: +151 points!

Survival points remaining: 153

153 survival points!

Su Mo was slightly surprised by the latter statistics.

He had spent almost all of his survival points to upgrade his shelter yesterday—only 2 remaining, and his sense of security had plummeted.

He did not expect that with the drainage and stone shelter, his survival point was restored to 153 points.

"At this rate, I won't be afraid of a disaster being magnified all of a sudden!"

Compared to this shelter, the restoration of survival points undoubtedly made people feel more secure.

Sitting on the stone chair and looking at the safe shelter, a sense of security surged, and his stomach began to grumble in protest.

"You must be hungry too."

Touching his stomach, Su Mo smiled. Oreo realized that dinner was about to be served. He walked up and down as if he were about to soar with joy.

After pulling out the psychic energy water he had stored overnight and using the survival system to confirm that the water quality was fine, Su Mo poured all the water into a wooden bucket and stored it.

Pouring about 1L of psychic energy water from the bucket with a wooden basin into the wok, Su Mo started a fire to cook.

It was still the same bread soup. The soup base was rich and slightly white, leaving a rich aftertaste.

It was a comforting sip of hot soup in an underground shelter while others were desperately trying to avoid a disaster.

After eating and drinking, and brushing the wok, the cloth had absorbed the acid rain on the ground, leaving only a little behind.

After carefully prodding the cloth to one side with a wooden stick, Su Mo used a torch to bake and evaporate the last water stain.

"It looks like it's just a slight seepage. It took one night to accumulate this much."

After observing the crack of the door, Su Mo had a clear idea of the resilience of his current shelter.

Acid rain was scary, but it was categorized as a beginner disaster in the survival game.

It meant that it would not be hard to survive the first disaster with a bit of forethought and caution.

It also turned out that those who did survive did not have a problem surviving another day by relying on their own way.

He conveniently transported the water tank to the bottom of the steps by using the storage space.

Su Mo began to build a guide rail to collect acid rain.

After two units of iron were used to make iron plates with iron edges, Su Mo took out two units of plant fibers to make a hemp rope, which was used to fix the iron rails together with the wooden box.

All the rainwater that seeped through the crack of the door would slide down the stone steps and eventually onto the iron plate, then to the water tank.

At the current rate, it should not be a problem to collect about 1 liter of rain before the disaster was over.

After doing everything to resist the disaster and pouring out water to water the vegetable field, Su Mo sat on a chair and continued to collect information.

They could not go out. Almost everyone gathered at the chat channel.

Skipping the overwhelming World Channel flooding with messages, Su Mo clicked into the Regional Channel suffering heavy causalities.

The usually slightly lively Regional Channel was now listless, and they were mostly talking about trivial matters.

"Oh, when will this miserable life end?"

"I'm doing alright here. I've picked a high ground, and it's good. It seems I'll have no problem getting through this disaster, but next time..."

"Lil Liu, who's beside my base has lost contact with me since yesterday. I wonder how he's doing."

"I heard that some people in the wilderness have abandoned their shelters, committed crimes on the run, and robbed others. Be smart when surviving disasters. Don't let these inhumane beasts attack you."

"Yeah. I don't know how many lives will suffer in these lawless troubled times."

"If they dare to come here, I'm no pushover. I'll make them pay some price. Besides, these people must have robbed a lot of things. Maybe I can gain something."

"Cut it out. They come in a group. You alone? Two fists are no match for four hands!"

After lurking for some time, Su Mo silently exited the Regional Channel.

He had already guessed that some would abandon their shelters and choose to wander, collecting supplies by raiding other people.

He just did not expect humanity to fall so quickly.

"It seems we're not just looking out for mutant beasts, but also these wilderness vagrants."

After adding a rule in his mind, Su Mo began to look at the new features.

In the chat function, other than the World Channel and Regional Channel, there was an extra Disaster Resistance Channel; just as expected.

He clicked into the Disaster Resistance Channel.

It was a bit like the live broadcast room in the civilized age, where ten live video feeds were evenly distributed from one to ten on a single page.

Even the titles were different.

The Best Shelter In The Universe. You Don't Need To Send Me Gifts. You're My Buddy Once You Join.

Live Broadcasting How To Avoid Acid Rain. The Host Will Personally Explain The Shelter's Design Specifications.

Huaxia Shelter. Recruiting Strong Members, Any Professional Technical Members, And Nearby Victims. Food And Accommodation Included.

Top Reasoning. Looking Into Future Disaster Resistance Trend From The Attack and Defense Perspective.

The Lone Wolf Survival Guide.

Zeus Shelter. Recruiting Powerful Members. Requires...


Currently ranked in the top ten shelters with live broadcasting rights, four were from his country, ranking third, fifth, sixth, and ninth respectively.

Six were from overseas.

Su Mo was a little surprised to see this number.

In his estimation, having two shelters from his country in the top 10 were already good enough, but now there were four.

After all, in terms of operational ability and combat abilities, foreign countries had vast lands and were sparsely populated, so they had more opportunities to train.

His country was relatively stable, so many people had no chance to go to the wilderness to train.

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