My Possessive loverMy Possessive lover

My Possessive lover

by sweet_ammy

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"Xavier, are you out of your mind? You can't hit anyone you want." I tried to pull him from the guy. With his temper, he can easily send this guy to the hospital for a week. Xavier suddenly stood up and took my hands in his. He pushed me to the wall behind me. He looked deep in my eyes. I got very scared, I saw him angry, but never towards me. He closed his eyes and put his head on mine. "You make me go crazy. I'm not letting you talk to these guys anymore. I know I promised that I'll behave, but I can't see you talk and laugh with them." How can he be possessive over our juniors? ****************** Hello. I'm Anastasia. You can call me Anna. I'm a normal school girl. As other kids of my age, I also don't like school. But my reason is different from them. I get bullied every day. At home also, it is the same. My cousins bully me. My uncle and aunt only listen to their children. I get punished for their mistakes too. But one day all of this stopped. I don't know the reason, but from the moment I started spending time with the new guy who transferred in our school. Everything bad stopped. *************** Hey. I'm Xavier. I hate school, but I still go there so I can entertain myself. I got expelled from 9 schools already. You see, I don't like ill-mannered people and in school you can find a bunch of them. So I make them see their place. In this new school I find a girl. She was so fragile and oblivious of her beauty. She made me feel warm. So I followed her. I followed her literally everywhere. **************** Hello lovelies. Hope you like the story.

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