1 Meeting GOD

Right now the man known as Grayard is lying on the floor dead or on second thought on his way. He was known as Grayard for leaving the battlefield with a dark atmosphere nobody liked it. Even his platoon hated him for it.

Anyways he was dying because somebody shot at him, what sucks is it wasn't enemy forces it was friendly fire. A rookie couldn't recognize an alli because of the outfit.What really is terrifying is that he isn't that much in pain meaning he is used to the pain how sad.

Having trouble speaking Grayard said two words "Thank you". For you to see what he was meaning you will need to know a little about him . He thinks of himself as a hunter, any prey that escaped was damage to his reputation so when someone escaped it was damage and he really hated it.

Grayard P.O.V.

So this is what death feels it's a cold embrace. Then he closed his eyes completely when he did he saw nothing but a chair and then he heard a voice say "Sit down if you like, this going to be a somewhat lengthy conversation " He heard the voice but he didn't react instead he struct a military pose, for he thought of the owner of the voice as someone who deserved respect. For him respect something people gain with achievments not money and this person or being gained it just by speaking. It was a short silence the voice spoke again "Anyway I will be sending you to a different world as an expirement to see what humans do with second chance you have 3 wishes". Grayard took a moment to review the information he had received he then nodded his head. The voice continued "The world your going to is one of magic, state your wishes.".He took a second to think of his situation he found it strange but he chose to go with it. He thought of his wishes then with a rough voice said "Although i find this sutuation weird i will trust you, i asume the civilisation isnt very advansed my wishes are as follow, an affinity to magic the one that best suites a hunter, nimble fingers would be nice, and a crafting skill it will help me big time.". The void replied "Very well granted, how thenm chose a species i will make it easier for you and give you 3 choices human, elf, and orc.".Grayard thought of his choices thinking to himself "Defitnely not human already experienced that as well as elf dont want to be a vegetariana so orc it is.".Now speaking aloud he said this "Orc please, and two requests pelee give me all tve knowledge i need, and to be put in a huge forests.". The void said one word "Granted" and then everything went black.

To be continued