1 Chapter 01


"TYLER YOU LITTLE PUNK! WAKE UP! OR YOU'LL BE LATE ON YOUR GRADUATION!!" Even that I don't feel like to get up on my beautiful and precious bed, I need to set my ass up. Why? When you have a mother like mine that my personal alarm clock— oh just kidding. You will immediately get your ass up. Why again? She was like gonna break the door of my room just to wake me up. But I still love my mother.

"I'm awake mom!" I'm not yelling at her, I just raised my voice for her to hear it because I'm still in my bed but awake. Just stretching and stretching. I immediately go in the bathroom to do some personal business. Ahhh so my graduation is today. I forgot that. I didn't intend to forgot that, so don't get the wrong idea. Who will ever still remember his or her graduation when you just watch movies all night till the morning sunshine before your graduation? See? If you can — well good for you. Now back to me, at last that the nightmare is over— it's not that being at school is a nightmare but— sometimes it does. Feel me? Yeah I feel you too. You're not alone my dear. Now getting back, I really hate school— not the whole school but the students. They bully some students that they think that are weak, that are useless. I hate them. Especially, what they've done to me. I can take the ugly words that they're saying to me but punching me and doing some things that taken me to have emotional and mental illness. You know the reason? Because I'm a gay. See? Some homophobic people abused some of us. Correct me if I'm wrong huh. They hate that we exist in this world and they hate the whole us. Funny right?

Now enough of some nonsense. And let's go to be happy. Like I said before , I'm a gay. Well yeah whole gay. I'm not bisexual, like I'm still attracted to girls.. Nah uh! That's out of my vocabulary. I have the face that you would thought that I'm a straight like an arrow , but sorry I'm not. I have the blue eyes that my mother , father and older brother doesn't have because I'm just adopted. Yeah, you hear it right. I'm adopted but they never treat me like I am. They treat me like a real family and I'm grateful to that. It's such a huge blessing to be part of this family even they're are not my real family. Mom said that I was still a baby when my real mother give me to them and still pregnant. So in short I have a little sibling. Is it nice? But I don't have a news about them . Even Mom and Dad has no contacts to them. So , yeah I never meet them in personal. But I hope they're still alive and kicking! That's the important.

Now moving forward. As I go to the dinning room there's my older Brother Sander. He's my protector you know? I have many exes like it's like a piece of clothes that's easily to change. That's what they called . It's not that I love breaking someone's heart. It's just something is missing when I have a relationship with them , like they are not the one for me. You know that feeling? So now it's been months since I have a last relationship with a guy. Well I need to love my self for now because I believe the one for me is coming. Not now but soon. I'll just wait for the right moment.

"Waking up at this time makes mom crazy you know that? It's your graduation. Your GRADUATION. That's a special occasion on your d*mn lif—"

"Watch your mouth you big dummy. I don't like cussing in front of me you know that right?" I just laughed at them. I love the way what they are. I hope this stayed forever.

"What are you smiling about? You look crazy like mo—"


"Crazy beautiful that what I meant, mom." And Sander just wink at me.

"Yes mom , you look beautiful today." I said and the two of us— Sander and I laughing quietly. Well for the record, Sander is already 28 years old while me is 24 years old. Sander already working at Dad's company— well his , soon when Dad's want to rest but for now he was the Manager if the company— just for now. And me soon , I will work there. Now that I'm graduated— well not now because I'm still here at our house. I'll be handling the finance management if that's what they call— I don't know. But I know it's about the money of company. Why do I choose that? I was graduated —- not now. Well I took Business Ad so yeah. I don't know if they connected to each other.

"Ohh dear why bother wear some make ups? You even look more beautiful and it's like I would have to punch someone in the face later." That's Dad. Super protected to mom and us. Well I'm not gonna lie Mom and Dad has a beautiful face that you will never thought that they're in mid fifties. What a lucky ones. Did I said the color of their eyes? Mom has simple black eyes like Sander and Dad so I'm like a monster here — just kidding. Even in the school , they called me freak because of the color of my eyes and my skin cause I'm like a foreigner here in our Country. But I'm not. Mom said that my mother and father has not from the other country.

The event ended well, and I had a award. Cum laude. It's not a big deal for me but for my family it is. I don't have anything to put some interest . All I love is reading books and some go outs with my friends.

"Hey, Ty . Wahhhh!!! I'm so proud of you!" That's Al short for Alexandria. When you heard her voice you will end up covering your ears. She's so loud but I love her. Not romantically. I love her as my friend.

"Blue eyes , congratulations. You also won our bet. So, here it is. The book I promised." That's Chris. Actually I only had two friends here but I'm contented with that. Now let's go back to my book , If we are all alone I would dance my victory dance in front of them. We put a bet that If one of us is graduated as cum laude he will be have a dare. So for I want a book. And now it's in my hand. Yipeeyy!

"Wait. So you really leaving the country?" I asked. Well Al will go to States after this and live with her sister there. And Chris will go to Korea to help his Dad. See ? I'm happy for them but I can't help to feel lonely by just thinking of that.

"Awww. We've been talked about this. We will visit here if we have free time and we have WhatsApp and other apps that we can use to communicate. And you can even go visit us there." Chris said as he patted my head. Chris is a little bit higher than me so yeah.

"Don't be sad. You know that you look ugly when your sa— aww! Why did you do that?" Al said as she touched her head where I just hit her just a little bit and she just overreacting it.

At least I was happy just being with them.

AFTER we bid our goodbyes, I go to the parking lot where my parents and Sander is there waiting for me but I stopped. I smelled something.

It's like a new smell and it's smelled wonderful . I look at my right—- nothing there.. On my left —- also nothing and I turn back and I saw a beautiful man I ever meet. He looked at me with a shock face I don't know and I don't care. He's handsome. I can say that again. I don't know if it's his normal scent or what so ever but I like it —- no , I love it.

I look at his eyes . We have one meter apart from each other but it's like I'm so close to him. It feels like I can feel his heartbeat beating fast like mine. I don't know why. But it's feels nice. That this is like home. He's my home.

We never broke the stare to each other and I saw his eyes. His brown eyes turned into orange. Wait what?! How did he do that?



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