My Only Love: The Targeted Heiress Book

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My Only Love: The Targeted Heiress


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How does it feel to see a colorless world every day? That's how Catherine felt through her eyes. She is a strong-willed 25-year-old girl who never shows her weakness to other people. She lost her ability to see color ever since being slapped by her father. Her soul was shaken. Her heart hated the beauty her father showed before her mother was gone. Catherine thought that her life would continue to be trapped in the black and white world until one day, someone came into her life to give her some colors. He is Vincent, a thirty-two-year man, the son of a wealthy family. His presence gradually colored Catherine's world. Time continues to flow; the lovebirds finally tied the rope of love but suddenly... Vincent avoids Catherine? What happened to him? Why did he go away from Catherine? Could it have something to do with Catherine's mother's death? Catherine, who is finding out the truth behind Vincent's attitude.... surprisingly, meets her twin brother, someone she never knew before! Moreover, her twin brother is the sole heir of one of the influential figures in this country. Was everything she knew a lie? Even her identity? Who is she really? Is it true that Vincent caused the death of her mother? Would the two lovebirds reunite after learning the truth? Or will the past grudges separate them? Expert: "I think white suits you best." The topic of color discussion was quite sensitive for Cathy, who cannot distinguish colors. But why did she feel calm when Vincent said it? "Why?" "Because only white could affect other colors while no color could affect it. For me, you are like that too." "I am?" "Hm. You never let other people influence you while you can easily influence others. You could make others happy, sad, or excited with you." "I'm not like that." "It's like that for me. Besides," he lowered his head to close the gap between them. "When you wear a white dress like this, you look mesmerizing like an angel descend to me." Cathy: *blush* *** A year later, Before the kidnapper could see her, Cathy's arm had been pulled into a room concealed by a safe. Her mouth was sealed by a big hand, and her body was held tightly by a muscular arm. Cathy tried to struggle to break free. She felt unfortunate, as scary things always happened to her. Even though she was only a weak, fragile average girl, she was ready to fight to survive. "Shh, don't move." whispered the person who caught her, making Cathy froze. This voice... the fresh fragrant she smelled from the hand that was covered her mouth… Vincent!? *** Come to talk to me in https://discord.gg/a7ypnYw7TF *** Second Identity series: My Only Love: The Targeted Heiress (complete) The Flame Queen and Her Sly Lover (complete) Ice Prince: Rewrite the star (new) Watch Out, Dad! Mom's Here To Kill You! (coming soon) The Heir's Beloved Is Not A Human (coming soon) The Prodigy Boy Is Actually A 25 Old Girl!? (ongoing) Each book can stand alone, but it will be more fun if you read it all. If you want to read unique fantasy realm, feel free to check my other work called Elementalist: Time Controllers Or some thrilled a cross-dressing and funny scene where FL disguised as a teenage boy, check out 'The Prodigy Boy Is Actually A 25 Old Girl!?' *the cover isn't mine so the credit belongs to the owner* Join me in IG @vorstinstory or my discord server https://discord.gg/a7ypnYw7TF Support: paypal.me/vorstinstory


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