1 The Toxic Spotlight

I don't want to do this.

I don't want to do this anymore.

Why did I choose to do this?

"And next up, we have our very famous Chantillyia! We have her here here to sing us a song from her very innovative album "Me"!"

The crowd thunderously applauded, waiting for their dearest star to show herself.

The platform started to rise.

The platform raised her higher and higher.

I don't want to do this.

I don't want to smile.

I don't want to sing.

The platform rose and rose, it rose her until the spotlights hit her pale face.

She raised the microphone to her red lips against her wishes, and she sung one last time.

"My love, I pursued you endlessly.

But you pushed me day by day,

You pushed me to the brink of my despair,

The only hope I had for you,

The fragments of our memories disappear,

Causing me to forget,

Why I loved you in the first place,

But little did you know,

That I rose so high,

I don't want you anymore,

Now I'm only a puppet for the world to watch,

To watch the shell of my once glorious form,

That God had first made me to be.

You made me to be this way,

But now....

I'm exhausted."

Chantillyia said the last two lines as if she was talking.

Her eye bags were evident, her tiredness had been shown, she felt like she was going to collapse any moment. Her legs shook.

The audience roared.

"That's my idol!"

"Oh, I'm crying now."

"How is she so good?"

"She's my ideal woman!"

"How could anyone possible match up to her?"

The mc realized that Chantillyia stopped singing and said,

"That's our Chantillyia! Ms. Chantillyia, could you please give us some backstory on this beautiful masterpiece that you've created? Our audience is dying to know."

It's ok, just one smile before you break your facade.

"Well it's exactly as it is. I'm exhausted. This is my last album forever. I don't want to be an idol anymore. I'm sorry to deeply disappoint the fans who followed me here from the bottom. I'm sorry."

Chantillyia broke the smile that she held and slowly walked off of the stage forever.

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