2 Chapter 2

-At The Campbell Manor-

The chauffeur arrives at the Campbell Mansion. The mansion itself was quite large but its beautiful lot was even bigger. Rachel and Sebastian escort them inside. "You're coming with me, little man." Rachel grabs Giovanni by the arm and takes him to the tea room, where his parents were at. Sebastian picks up Sierra bridal style and carries her to the living room, sitting her on the couch and placing her foot with the sprain onto a comfortable footrest. Marilyn sits right next to her. "Excuse me for a second." He bows and walks away.

"Sierra, do you not see how big this place is? It's amazing! And the floors are so clean and polished, I could see my reflection on it!" She looks around, genuinely amazed. "This is what it must be like to be in the upper class. But I am very much satisfied with my middle class status." "You're right, Mari. We could never have a house this--" She was cut off from the surprise of a loud sound of glass shattering and a grown man yelling, more like a scolding actually..

"What in heaven's name was that? That got my heart beating fast." Marilyn held her chest and took a deep breath. "It must be that kid's father scolding him. Spoiled brat deserves it."

After a few minutes of it had passed and Sebastian was treating her ankle during the whole scolding session. Sierra looks down at her hands and fiddles with them a bit. "I feel bad now. That boy is getting yelled at and possibly hit in the other room. Even my parents would not do that to my brother. He's the same age as that kid."

"I guess being in an upper-class family comes with extra strictness as well. I heard that in their kinds of families, parents treat their kids harsher due to 'high standards."

"No 14 year old kid should really be yelled at like this. Besides, he was right when he said that it's my fault I wasn't watching where I was going and he ended up knocking me down. I need to tell Mr. Campbell." She gets up. "Hey hey hey be careful." Marilyn helps her up. "I'm alright." She limps over to the tea room and opens the door. Mr. Campbell stopped what he was doing and looks at Sierra. Giovanni was on his knees and looking down at the ground, but at the sound of her voice, he looked up as if she were his last hope.

"What do you need, girl?"

"Mr. Campbell, er... you really do not need to yell at Giovanni like this. He doesn't deserve it. Besides, I am the one at fault. I was to busy talking to my sister instead of paying attention to the sidewalk, and I knocked your son down as he walks minding his own business and walking. I hurt my ankle when I fell. Besides, he apologized to me several times when it happened. He's a good boy. Please don't punish him." Sierra always had a way with lies although she did not lie often. Only when she felt like it'd be the right time and now was one of those times.

He turned to his son. "Is this true?"

Giovanni nods desperately. "Yes, father."

Mr. Campbell sighs and sits back in his chair. "I'm relieved to hear that. Thank goodness I raised you to be a good man. You may leave now." He sips his tea.

Giovanni leaves the room, followed by Sierra and closes the door. He turns around and looks up at her. "Why... did you lie for me? You got nothing out of it.." He was puzzled by her kind action towards him but for some reason, he found it warming his heart up.

"I guess you'll have to figure it out." He smiles and ruffles his head. "Be good and don't run into people anymore. Bye." She turns around and leaves with her sister.

~ A Few Days Later ~

Around the corner where a prestigious middle school lied ahead was Sierra in a black plaid dress and a pair of jet black mary jane heels leaning against the wall of a small store. She looked extra cute as if she had a hot date or something. Just a few miles down from where Sierra was standing, Giovanni was walking to school. She knew this seemed a little stalkerish, but she didn't think too much about it. Once Giovanni made that corner, they almost instantly made eye contact. He stops in his steps.

"Hey kiddo."

"Is your ankle doing better?"

"Sort of. But I can at least walk now. Thanks for asking."

"If it still hurts, you should go see the doctor to make sure it's healing properly. What's your name?"

"Sierra. Sierra Monroe. And don't worry, I'll get better."

Giovanni sizes her up and down before asking, "Aren't you in highschool? I thought it didn't end 4pm. Unless... you're skipping." He gives her a smug look.

"Yeah.. you got me. I snuck off of campus during lunch time. That's why I look so well dressed right now." She chuckles. "I want you to become a good guy as you get older. Because if what I did was for nothing, I'll be really sad." She makes a cute sad face. "I can tell you're the delinquent type. You're just now going to school, although classes started 4 hours ago." She ducks down to him, so that they can be face to face. "Attending school is the first step to becoming a good man because that's the first place you learn how to be a gentleman." She lectures.

"You sound like my mother right now. I don't like it. Bye now." He waved and proceeded to walk to school.

"Wait, Giovanni."

Giovanni turns around and looks at her.

"That's the way Giovanni had entered my life. Suddenly, I wanted to make sure that he had a good day and that he wasn't being bullied. I felt a strange feeling come over me, I'm meant to be in his life. "

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"Nothing... have a nice day."