1 Chapter 1

16 year old Sierra had woken up today with a particularly weird feeling in her stomach. It wasn't like she ate something bad for breakfast, but it was a feeling as if something interesting were going to happen to her today. As she and her best friend, Marilyn were walking down the sidewalks of London in their button down shirts and high-waisted skirts that went a little past their knees, Sierra is suddenly knocked by a strong force and staggered backwards before landing on her tush. "Sierra! Are you okay?" Marilyn quickly kneels down to her friend and makes sure she's okay.

"Yes, I'm okay.. but what in the world knocked me down like that?" She and Marilyn look turn their heads and look back to see a well dressed boy with dark brown curly hair getting up with struggle and dusting off his clothes. Immediately could they tell he was from a noble family.

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"Oi lad, you knocked my friend over. You could at least ask if she's okay." Marilyn scolds him.

"It's okay Mary, I'm not that hurt." Right when she says that, she feels a pain in her ankle and looks at it. It was already quite red as if it she sprained it.

After the handsome young boy dusted off his quality looking vest and perfectly made pants, he looked at the two girls who appeared to be about a year or two older than him.

"I apologize ma'am. Are you okay?" He said as if he really cared.

Sierra nods and slowly stands up with Marilyn's help. "A-ah it hurts." She tumbles over a bit due to her sprained ankle, leaning against her friend for support. Marilyn glared at the boy. "Look at what you've done! Now how do you expect her to get home on this ankle?"

"Shut up old hag. If your friend was looking where she was going, maybe she would have been able to move out of the way." He rolls his eyes and sticks his tongue out her.

"Why you spoiled little rich—" She hits the boy with her purse while scolding him, until two people, a man and a woman intervened who also appeared to have a higher social class. One grabs Marilyn's arm to prevent her from hitting the kid any more and the other ensured he was okay.

"You crazy girl! How dare you lay your hands on our young master? Do you have not any clue whom his parents are?!" The man practically screams at Marilyn and slaps her, causing her to duck behind Sierra out of fear.

Hesitantly does Sierra stand up for her. "Do not yell at my friend! She was upset because this kid rudely knocked me down and made me sprain my ankle. Not only that, but he insulted her by calling her an old hag. If he's from a noble family then maybe you should get him to act like it instead of some rude kid who thinks someone owes him something!" Sierra could feel her face burning and turning red. But then again, Sierra did always despise richer/ upper class people. She felt like they thought they were worth more than other people.

"Is this true, Giovanni?" The woman asks, the disappointment in her voice quite obvious.

Giovanni only looked at his feet without saying a word. "Judging by your lack of emotion, it is. I will tell your parents about this incident today and that you also thought it was a wise idea of you to sneak away from us while our backs were turned." She pulls his ear and walks over to the two girls.

"I apologize for all of this. My name is Rachel. Please allow us to make up for young Giovanni's incompetence. Come to the Campbell Mansion with us. We'll treat you to lunch and take care of your ankle."

The man in the butler suit also walks over and bows. "I apologize for laying my hands on you. That was wrong of me."

Sierra nods and crosses her arms then looks over at Giovanni, who was looking away. He seemed nervous about something but hid it behind an annoyed look. She saw right through it though.

Once a chauffeur arrived, they all got in and headed to the Campbell Manor.

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