1 Chapter 1: The End To An Ancient War

Long before life had existed and the world was barren, a lone god wished for amusement and with that wish life started.

Millions of years after this wish the land had prospered and many races were born. Waters covered a total of 60% of this new land. The planet was split into 4 continents joined to each other by grand land bridges.

To the north was the continent of humanity known as Calvicorus, to the south was the magical elven continent, Astraeia. Both of the nation's where for the most part peaceful with one another with small wars being fought every hundred or so years. This Semi-peacefulness could not be said for the east or west. The east was the largest continent, home of the beast folk, humanoid creatures with animalistic characteristics boating immense physical prowess, this land was known to the humans as Sylvara.

The West was home to the remnants of two race the giants of times before humanity and the demons a powerful race pushed near extinction by the other races. This land to the west was not named only referee to as cursed.

In the northern continent of Calvicorus a gathering of armed soldiers took place in the capital city of Trist, humanity was preparing a final assault on the demons who plagued this world in the hopes to end their species.

"Men we gather you here today as the entire military power of our grand race with the intent of stopping a new demon Lord rising to power" A great voice boomed from up high. The Royal guards captain was given a speech to ready his men for another great battle. "Many years has this war waged on and yet no true victor had been decided. The demons may be near extinct but as long as one survives a new bloodline shall emerge. We will end this 3000 year war today and make our ancestors proud!" the captain roared in his deep horse voice.

A cheerful cry rang out from the 500,000 men gathered and war had once again started but this war was not only a war for humanity. The southern continent of Astraeia was to preparing it's elven warriors and mages for war. This noble and long life race were very skilled in magic and were feared by the other two prominent races when it came to magical warfare. A similar speech was given to rally the troops of the people gathered however the elven Nation was far bigger than the humans and had many more fighters due to the incredible lifespan of the elf. An army consisting of 1,000,000 warriors and mages, 800,000 warriors and 200,000 mages, started there advances.

The east however was quiet. No cry for battle. No clanking of metal armour or scraping of blades against one another. The race of warriors refused to fight, they knew that a single demon could easily kill hundreds and with dwindling numbers from low birth rates and almost constant wars any more loss could mean the end of them.

The two massive armies met on the landmass before the way to the continent of demons. Now 1,500,000 humans and elves stood together already knowing the plans for attack given prior communications. The army now consisted of 250,000 mages and 1,250,000 warriors. The warriors themselves were split into tanks, archers and berserks. The 800,000 elven warriors made up 400,000 tanks carrying sword and shield armoured head to toe in elite elven armour made from the wood of the Ibacurus tree, a tree which's bark is twice as strong as steel and has magical resistance to any spell which was tier 3 or bellow. 300,000 archers with bows made from the same wood but enchanted to become more flexible and wearing a leather set of armour crafted by the dwarves, an old race of drafters who have no known continent of origin but live beneath all four of the known lands. The leather itself comes from aged valmeri elk that have reached the end of their natural lives. Finally the elven army had only 100,000 berserkers ready to be enhanced by magic and stimulants sending themselves into a bloodlust without care for whosever blood they shed.

Humanities smaller army consisted of 50,000 mages in basic robes, 30,000 of these mages where either newly graduated or still students to mage academies across the continent. The army primarily consisted of incredible tanks decked out in dragon mail armour their numbers total 350,000 and are superior to the elven tanks in almost every way. The remaining 100,000 we're the berserkers using dragon bone blades and thin cow skin leather armour. Already in there veins is a powerful magical enhancement serum that upon entering a land where the flow of magic is dark and corrupt will activate and super charge the soldiers strength and reflexes.

"Good to see you Alverin," chuckled Caius, captain of the Royal human guard.

"Surprised you're alive," retorted Alverin, captain of the elven Royal guard. "by know I had expect time to have taken you"

"you're not the only one my friend!" Caius exclaimed.

Both man and elf began to laugh but their amusement was cut short.


200,000 men collapsed and turned to ash in an instant.

Caius's eyes opened fully I'm horror "what kind of a creature....."

Another 200,000 men dropped and turned to ash. The remaining 1,100,000 men begin to panic and the troops become disorganised. A booming voice rang above the crowd and began to calm the men. Now calm they began to reorganize and get back into formation.

The troops began to cross the bridge and as the final man steps on the bridge an ominous, dark magic swept across them, the berserkers activated but shortly after out of the 1,100,000 only a mere 5,000 stood while the rest disappeared and left nothing but ash remains.

The 5,000 remaining where the best that each race had to offer each boasting power levels of 10,000 or above.

"we need to turn back, now!" a lone soldier cried out.

"we can't. If we leave now then 1,495,000 men died in vain," Caius boomed.


Slow claps began to sound from behind the captains as a creature emerged from the darkness.

A soft deep voice began to speak "how about we call it a day. On the other side of this planet there are other lands. On those lands are the spirits, demons and fairies. You know not of the land you inhabit."

"What is this nonsense you speak demon?" Caius asked.

"Demon? Me? Hold your tongue human, I am no demon. I am a devil."

As that sentence finished the figured stepped into the light. A handsome human looking created emerged. 4 great, black wings on his back, two shard jet black horns with blood red tips pierces through his slicked back black hair. His features were strong and masculine. If you ignored the horns, wings and tail then he would appear to be an incredibly handsome man. His figure was slim and tall and he dresses in fine clothes.

"I am a devil," the devil repeated his sentence before adding "the one you hunt is the demon king but my interest in this war grow tired and so I shall stop throwing pawns at you. I desire to end this war and to do so I wish to separate every race from each other for 3000 years before bridges are built back reuniting all continents."

"your idea sounds plausible but how would we know if it worked and that you would keep to not continuing this war?" Alverin spoke sharply and enchanted the words with magic so that the devil couldn't lie.

"I understand that you find it hard to believe me as you don't understand who I am. My name is Lucifous, son of Lucifer and current king of devils and ruler of the demons. I urge you to consider this without violence as one way or another I shall end this war"

Caius and Alverin looked at each other with eyes of fear. Even when not looking at the king they could feel the intense aura of magic and murderous intent that was being emitted from him.

Alverin and Caius said simultaneously "we agree. We shall withdraw and begin constru...."

They were cut off by the king, "no need I shall construct the bridges and the walls from my own magic. To do this I shall require your help. For this to work one life isn't enough even one that's as old as my own. Will you Caius, hero of humanity, and you Alverin, hero of the elves, aid me?"

The two were concerned as how the king knew them but simply believed it was some kind of magic which was true to an extent. Often times when the king was bored he would disguise himself as some kind of creature and venture the lands, during these adventures he stumbles across the two before him.

"we agree" the two confidently returned

The two heroes and the devil king stepped into a magic circle spanning the size of the Western continent. Already in this circle were the queen of the fairies, dominator of the giants, chieftain of the beast men and grand master of the dwarves. All the other races other than the spirits and the gods had concerned to the peace. The reason for the others backing down was because the gods resided outside the realm of man and the sprites physical bodies would be consumed completely by this circle.

The human and the elf take there places around the circle, each race taking a point of the star in its centre. Standing as the catalyst and caster of this magic was Lucifous. He had offered his own life up for this peace however he knew he would return for another effect of this circle was the reincarnation of all those involved, however only he would remember the entirety of his this life.

The king poured his magic into the circle and it began to light up. The other races also poured in their magic and the light envelope everything around them. Suddenly the representative of each race was home and great walls of darkness surrounded each continent. The magic was complete and in 3000 years the bridges will build and the walls shall fade.

Peace will hopefully have been achieved.

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