1 Chapter 1

My bedroom door slams open and sister Sophia walks in.

"Rise and Shine baby sis. Time for a great day,'' she yelled way too happy. I groan and get up.

" What time is it? I was going to get flowers for mom and dad," I yawn out. I get up and walk to the bathroom.

" It's 7:30 am. I'm making food want some?" she yells as I start the shower.

"Yes please", I laugh and get ready to shower. 15 minutes later I get out of the shower and get dressed. I brush my hair and put on some light lipgloss. I walk downstairs and smell pancakes, eggs, and bacon.

"Mmm smells good. Thanks for the food," I say to Sophia and grab my plate.

"No problem. What time are you leaving to get flowers?" she asks as she sits down. She says thanks for her food and starts eating.

"I don't know maybe after I eat. I'm going to head to Kura's place before," I say with food in my mouth. Sophia hits me in the head with her hand.

" No talking with food in your mouth. But, okay I'll meet you at mom and dad's place with Aiden later on," she says. I nod and put my plate in the sink. I grab my shuriken and wallet, then put on my sandals. I kiss Sophia's cheek goodbye and head out. I walk to Sakura's place and get there a little while later. I knock on the door and wait for her to open the door.

"Who is it?" she yells from behind the door. I sigh and laugh to myself.

"It's me, Hana," I yell back. I wait for her to open the door. I check if I have enough yen for flowers. The door opens and her coffee-colored eyes look up at me.

" Hannie, oh gosh I thought you were coming later on," she says while letting me in. We walk to the living room and sit down. She cuddles up to my side and sighs.

"So, you wanna go with me to see my parents place later on," I say looking down at her. She nods and cuddles deeper in my side.

" We have to go to Yamanaka Flowers soon okay," I say again looking down at her. She nods and starts to fall asleep. I giggle and get a book to read. 2 hours later I start to wake Sakura up.

" Come on Kura. We have to get flowers," I gently shake her shoulders. She wakes up slowly and stretches.

"It's time already," she yawns slowly. I nod and get up. I hold my hand out to her and she grabs it. We walk to the front door and she grabs it. We walk to the front door and she puts on her sandals. We head to Yamanaka Flowers and walk-in. A blond hair lady and pink hair lady are standing next to the counter.

"Hi, welcome to Yamanaka Flowers. How can I help you?" The blond lady asks.

" Hi, I'm Hana and this is my friend Sakura. We're here to buy some sweet pea's," I say smiling.

"Oh, I'm Ino and my friend Sakura too," she says as she gets the flowers. Sakura gasps and looks at the older Sakura.

"Ohh, what's your surname? Mine's Nara," she says to Sakura. She giggles.

" My first one was Haruno but now it's Uchiha," she says smiling at us.

" Wait, you're an Uchiha too. Who are you with," I say quickly. I thought that there was very little Uchiha's left.

"I'm married to Sasuke and we have a daughter," she says. wow. She's married to the Sasuke Uchiha. I would love to meet him.

"Here's your flowers Hana. That will cost 5 yen," Ino says after walking back to us. I open my wallet to hand her the yen but the older Sakura stops me.

"I'll pay I know what today is for you. Maybe you'll see Sasuke there," She says. How sweet of her.

" Thank you, Miss," I bow to her and grab the flowers. Sakura ad I wave to them and walk to the graveyard. Sakura swings our hands between us as we walk. When we arrive I see Sophia and Aiden waiting for us. Sophia goes to hug us both.

"Hi, Sakura. I haven't seen you in forever. How are you?" Sophia asks while kissing our cheeks. Sakura giggles and hugs Sophia back and waves to Aiden.

" I'm doing well. Thank you for asking," she says while smiling. Her smile is beautiful, but that's not important right now. Sophia, Aiden, Sakura, and I all walk-in and head to where my parents rest. We stop in front of 2 graves, where are parents rest. I never really knew them well, they were killed when I was a baby. Sophia, Aiden, and I weren't there that night so when we came home, Sophia made me stay with Aiden outside. When she came back, her face had some blood on it. The 3 of us stayed at the Hyuga Compound until Sophia and Aiden had enough money to get a place to live. I use to be babysat by Hinata and Neji when I was younger. I heard that Neji died at the Fourth Great Ninja War.

" Hana, the flowers please," Sophia says while crying slightly. I hand her the flower and she puts them down at each of our parent's grave. Sakura leaned into me and squeezed my hand. I look down at her and mouth thank you. We hear someone clearing their throat and we turn around.

"You're Sasuke Uchiha," I blurt out without thinking. Sakura and Aiden laugh while Sophia starts scolding me.

" Well, yes I am. You must be Hana and your friend Sakura," he says while nodding at us. HE KNOWS ABOUT ME.

" Wait, you've heard of me. How?"I ask. I haven't done anything that important yet.

"You met my wife at Yamanaka Flowers earlier," he says. How did Sakura get him to tell him and not run into us? I guess we'll never know.

" I'm going to guess your parents were there that night," he says while nodding to my parent's grave. Sophia explains half our life to Sasuke while Aiden, Sakura, and I small talk.

" My wife would love it if you 4 would come to dinner tonight. She wants to have many guests there," he says. Yay, I get to go to the Uchiha Compound.

"Yes, we would love to come over. What time?" I ask while cutting Sophia off. Sakura and Aiden laugh while Sophia glares at me.

"Ah, thank you. You can get there around 6:30. I'll assume you know where the compound is," he says. I'm so excited. I wonder what it's like there.

"Sure we do. We'll see you then," Sophia says. Sasuke nods at her and walks away. His black cloak follows behind him. I wonder if it's hot with that on.

"Sakura, would you like to come over or did you want us to pick you up?" Sophia asks while getting ready to leave.

"I would love to come over Sophia," Sakura says to Sophia. We all get our stuff and walk home. We got back home about 10 minutes later.

"Well, it's only 11 o'clock. We have some time to waste. Whatcha wanna do," I ask everyone as we walk in.

"Hana, can we train? Pretty please, I wanna work on my shadow possession jutsu," Sakura says while looking up at me with puppy dog eyes.

"Yeah, sure. Let's do it out back," I said nodding at her. She squeals in excitement and follows me. We walk to the back door and head to the backyard. Sakura walks father away from me and gets in a fighting stance.

"Ready," I yell out to her, She nods and starts running to me. She throws 3 kunai blades at me and I run out the way.

"Fire Style! Fireball Technique!," I shout out aiming fireballs at Sakura. She dodges them and disappears. I look around for her.

"Earth Style! Groundhog Technique Decapitation!," she shouts from below me. I fall into the ground and my head shows only. I growl and make 2 shadow clones to pull me out. Sakura is to busy laughing at me to notice. I pull out my earth scroll and run behind her.

"Earth Style! Fanged Vengeance Technique! Shinobi Conjuration!," I yell and the ninja dog tackles her to the ground. I run to her and put a kunai at her throat.

"Ready to give up yet," I say with a smirk on my face. She blows a piece of her cherry-red hair away from her face.

"Fine but that's a dirty trick," she says. I laugh and release the jutsu. I help her up and walk into the house.

"You, two go clean up. You're filthy and getting dirt in the kitchen. Also, I'm making lunch, I'll save you some," Sophia says while cooking. I groan and head upstairs to shower. 30 minutes later after we shower and get dress Sophia starts to serve food.

"Thank you, Sophia," Aiden, Sakura, and I say to Sophia. We all sit down and start to eat. We finish eating and start to relax.

"I have to guys. I promised I'd visit Shikamaru and Temari today," Sakura says while grabbing her stuff.

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"Okay, you want us to pick you up?" I say to Sakura while laying on the couch. She nods and leaves.

"Sophia, I'm going to take a nap. Wake me up at 6:15 please," I say while grabbing a blanket and getting comfy. She nods and starts reading. 5 hours later Sophia starts shaking me.

"Ugh, 5 more minutes," I say while stretching.

"No, get up it's 6:15. We have to leave soon," she says.

"Fine, I'll get up," I groan and get up and head to the bathroom. I brush my teeth and dress up a little nicer. I put on some black dress pants and a nice blouse. I head downstairs to where Sophia and Aiden are waiting for me.

"Come on, we're going to be late," Sophia says while opening the door. Aiden and I follow after her and head to Sakura's place. I knock on her door and it swings open. There she stood in a fluffy black dress and black flats.

"Wow, you look pretty," I say while looking at Sakura. She blushes and closes.

"um, thanks. you look great too," she says while looking down at her feet. Aiden clears his throat and nods to the pathway.

"Right, the dinner. Come on Sakura," I say while following Aiden. We walk up to the front door of the Uchiha compound. Sophia knocks on the door and a strange man with red hair opens the door.

"Oh, hello I'm Garra of the desert. Nice to meet," Gaara says. Oh right the Hokage from Suna No Kuni. I bow and poke the others to do so too.

"You don't have to do that," he says while shaking his hands in front of him.

"Gaara is everything okay out there?" a loud, cheerful voice says. A guy in a green jumpsuit and orange leg warmers pops out from behind Gaara. Oh, I remember him. Rock Lee, he has a kid named Metal.

"Everything is fine Lee," Gaara says while letting us in.

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