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I'm sitting on a brown leather chair with a man sitting across from me just staring as if he's a paused video. I just stare back, until I can't handle the awkwardness anymore.

"Who are you?" I ask.

"How long have you felt depressed, Ethan?" he suddenly ask, dodging my question.

I have no idea what to do or say, so I just answer the question. "Um...A while now, maybe about a week or two."

He nods his head and writes down something.

"Could you sit down in the middle of the floor please?"

I turn around as he points towards the floor behind me. There's a large circle Rainbow-colored rug in the middle of the room, as I get up from the chair and sit down in the middle of the rug I look around the room.

It turns out we're in a tiny building, not a room, and there's no windows but a glass door. Other than the desk that I was originally sitting at, there's a bookshelf to the left of where I now sit and a door to my right with a sign on it that reads 'BATHROOM', along with a dresser next to it and literally everything's Brown.

I turn to the man and take in his features as he gets up and walks around the desk. He's tall, maybe 5'10" or 6'0", about 20 to 25 years old, he's Caucasian, blue eyes and short wavy light brown hair that looks professional but casual at the same time, he's wearing a white long-sleeve dress shirt with grey dress pants that look tailored perfectly for him. On his shirt, his name tag reads 'Noah Anderson'

He walks over to the dresser, quite young for a therapist, I think.

"Why, thank you" He suddenly said opening the top drawer of the set.

"For what?"

"I studied very well in high school and college, so I'm ahead of a lot of people my age, I'm 20 by the way."

"I'm confused..."

"You said that 'I was young for a therapist'."

Oh crap, I said that out loud??!!!

"No, you didn't say it out loud. I can hear your thoughts."

"Wow, cool." He turns around with 6 little Disney princess dolls. He sits them down in front of me and walks back to the dresser, now grabbing the 6 Disney princes that go along with the princesses.

"I want you to play with these while I leave for a few minutes, Okay?"He squats down in front of my line of sight.

"I'M 18!!" I scrunch my eyebrows to low it hurts, I have no idea why I got so mad, so fast.

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Do I look like a 5-year-old to you??!!

"You sure are acting like one." He stands up and crosses his arms across his chest. Crap, I forgot he can hear my thoughts.

I blush with a mix of anger and embarrassment then look down at the dolls lying in front of me. As I pick up the Princess Tiana doll I feel a tingle on the back of my neck and look up. Mr.Anderson is looking down at me smiling with perfectly white straight teeth. I hate you.

I scowl and look down to pick up Prince Naveen, moving the dolls around, beginning to originate a story with the dolls.

It's been a while since I've played like this but it's actually rather fun.

"Good to know." He uncrosses his arms. "Well, I'm off." I look up as he walks to the glass door and opens it, but then pauses "Oh, and don't leave..." He turns around with a smile and my eyes widen when I see that his Blue eyes have now turned Red. "...or else." He winks then leaves as the door closes behind him, leaving me sitting frightened on the rug with 2 Disney dolls in my hands.

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