My Netori System: The Lustful onesMy Netori System: The Lustful ones

My Netori System: The Lustful ones

by ArchbishopOfSloth

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Our MC died from the truck and God of Lust pitied upon him. So she decided to give him a system that name is ' Netori System '. ---------------------- Tags - Harem, Dimensional Chat Group, smut, Netori, R-18, Multiverse world, World Traveling, Reincarnation, Comedy, This fanfic is just created for me to ease my fantasy. I don't know where the direction will lead but I just created to NTR'Ed every Harem Protagonist. Dimensional chat group with a multiverse universe. I will add a lot of anime world. Don't worry, I will not add marvel, DC, or game characters. Warning - I will NTR every character that reached into my head including SOL characters. Please be aware of that. The cover is not mine If you want to take down it please tell me.

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