45 Only One Choice

(Were all these moments that we shared only in my imagination? The kiss we shared was it born out of the heat of the moment? The kiss felt so real…that night when we walked back to our beds and we maybe would've….was that all only something that I wanted? It felt so real…but then again, he's with Helena and everyone knows that, so he should protect her)

You're frozen to the ground and you can't make a move. 

(Maybe Nick couldn't tell the Admiral to look after me because everyone would then wonder why he didn't choose Helena but then, why did he say anything at all? He must then care deeply for her to ask the Admiral especially? He must then be still in love with her?)

You sigh and close your eyes.

(Kim, get yourself together. This is a man that's taken. You have no right to desire another woman's man. It's good of Nick to care for her. It's his girlfriend after all. Now get your head out of the clouds. There's a cyclone coming!)

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