1 The kenkuni clan of the land of hot water (Mearchets/Assassins)

They work genjutsu through their voice and use kenjutsu along with wind and water Jutsu.

Genjutsu:Silver tongue Rank:C-A

influences the targets mind into believing almost anything the user wants. hard to tell if you get trapped in this genjutsu. Doesn't work in combat it only confuses the target. Can put a minor stain on your voice. Hand signs : snake and monkey.


Genjutsu:Rallying cry / war cry Rank:C

Amplify your voice with chakra then use Silver tongue to motive your team mates or demoralize your enemy's. Warning if used too much you may lose your voice for anywhere between a week 3 weeks. Hand signs : snake, monkey, rat and bird.

Genjutsu:priecing shreak Rank:A-S

amplify your voice with chakra the and Silver tongue and let out a deafening shreak permanently rendering everyone in a 3 mile distance deaf. WARNING: Wear earplugs!,or if permitted the Deafening seal. This technique is a last resort because it renders you mute for 3 months!

Items that can only be used by the clan patriarch and those he permits.

Wind enhanced chakra blade:

A gift from the uzumaki Clan head during the warring states period.

Small script sealing: Deafening seal

Deafens the user but enhanced there other sense's. small script sealing was a uzumaki clan seal style usually used to hide seals in plane sight though there are other use's.