1 Chapter 1 "Arrival of the New Member"

I was listening to a music when someone called me, I picked it up and i noticed that it was an anonymous number, I was a bit nervous that time.

"H-hello?" I said but no one replied. I repeated it two times until someone spoke "Code 1, c then x" Huh? Wonder where those codes are for "Umm.. who are you?" I asked, but then he hung up.

Another phone call, this time, i didn't answered it but someone talked "Hey, you would kindly answer me right?" What?! How did that happened? Must be some kind of hacker. I went to get the phone "What do you want?"

I asked. "Well, we just need a little favor"

"And what's that?" I know that I should not talk to strangers but it cant be helped "Download this app on your phone, and go to this adress, simple right?" "O-okay, but if i notice something fishy, I'll quickly leave" this feels like danger. "Thank you! Means a lot!" and he hung up, rude..

"So this is the apartment?" someone texted me. "Are you there yet?" "Uh, yes" I replied, nothing seems to be fishy around here, and it totally looks clean. I walked to the door and notice something. "There is a padlock right?" Did he went here already? "Yes, there is" "Then this is the code, 3647" "Wait, should I go in a stranger's house?" I replied, but I do thinl it's unrespectful to do that.

"Do you still not trust me?"

"I-i do trust you, I guess"

"Go in then, it's not a trap or anything"

I guess I will, I put the password and the door opened. Wow, this is such a beautiful apartment, I wonder where the owner is.

*beep beep* "Hope you get along well" Huh? What does he mean? "You're not dangerous, are you?". I didn't got a reply.

What the, I'm in a chatroom? But how?

*Jumin Han entered the chatroom*

*Seven entered the chatroom*

*Zen entered the chatroom*

*Yoosung entered the chatroom*

*Jaehee Kang entered the chatroom

"Hey hey hey Jumin!! How's Eli doing?"

"Its none of your business seven"

"Dont talk about cats! God..."

"Gaming is better than ever!"

"Yoosung, you should study first than gaming"

"Wait! Someone else is in the chatroom!"

"Mythic? How did you get in here?"

"Must be a hacker!"


"Hey dont be like that, It might be a girl"

"So you'll only care if it is a girl?"

"Guys, calm down, I found something about this person"

"What is it?"

"I tracked her location and she is in Rika's apartment"

"How did she get there?!"

"Her? She? So she is a girl?"

"I am Mythic, who are you guys and what is this place?" I told them.


"So Mythic, how did you get in here?"

"I recieved a phone call and a text from a stranger, leading me to this place, and his username was unknown"

"Unknown? He must forgot to enter his username"

"Hey, we should introduce ourselves first right?"

"I am Zen, A super handsome actor and am allergic to cats"

"Well as you can see, Zen has zero percent in privacy"

"Hi Mythic! I am Yoosung! The youngest in the chatroom and I like gaming!"

"And the other guy is Jumin, he is a successful CEO in his company, and fyi he has the most cutest cat in the whole world and her name is Elizabeth the 3rd"

"Stupid, saying her name to a stranger, anyways assistant Kang, how's the papers doing?"

"Its doing good Mr. Han, in fact, its already done"

We chatted a few more and I guess it was fine? There was a successful person with a cat named Jumin Han, a gaming person named Yoosung, a narcissist handsome actor named Zen, someone that is a hacker and has a dark secret named seven or Luciel, and Jumin Han's assistant that adores Zen named Jaehee Kang.

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