424 Bargain deals.

Locating the biggest and best looking store we could we happily walked in to see what kind of items they had up for grabs. The first floor was mostly junk items. Well to them at least. Rare herbs that were common here massive gems that had no use other than looking nice. We are talking about fist sized rubies found while mining out the blood diamonds for cultivation. I quickly snatched all those puppies up.

I was easily able to swap some junk cultivation pills I had thrown together for them all. The next floor up didn't interest me very much as they were also junk medicines worse than my junk medicine. There were a couple strange herbs I bought but that was it. It was one of the more popular floors as cultivation materials always sold well.

The third floor however contained the good stuff. Old ancient books on formations and alchemy. Rare metals and weapons, I found a set of throwing knives that can fly on their own so I snatched those up to study. Anything I could get that looked interesting to me I happily took.

All in all it cost me a few hundred pills but what I made back in profit was crazy the ruby on the first floor was about 3.5 million dollars if sold at one of my shops. The herbs used to make those pills were like 30 gold in total soooo bargains.

We spent all morning wiping out stocks at the remaining noble families stores while we waited for Nie li to finish negotiations. The face of axial Ning'er as she watched me sell off some of the cheapest pills in glory city for literally millions in gems and rare metals was priceless. I mean any kid on the streets could literally get pocket change from their parents and buy a bottle of 10 and still have spare cash.

I happily scammed them all I'm sure once they reach glory city they will be pissed but hey it's not my problem.

After all the shopping was done we waited around for Nie li at an inn while we had lunch I provided as I didn't know what the locals served here as meat since I didn't see any cows or chickens only monkeys. Not eating monkey that's for sure. Plus I have a bacon tree who can stop me from enjoying delicious bacon all hours of the day? My wives that's who. But other than that no one.

A few hours later Nie li comes by with a happy smile apparently dealing with the nobles went quite well. He didn't even ask me about all the stolen slaves. I had even took the boy who was being tortured as I was going to revive his parents for him. He lived quite a tragic life and I was going to help him out.

With Nie li being much stronger than he was in the story due to medicines I had given him early on he had no problem with negotiations going his way as he was stronger than anyone here except the insane disciple of Kong Ming who I didn't tell him about.

Also anyone who didn't like the terms can happily stay behind in the prison realm. I had smacked some of the happy go lucky bullshit out of Nie li so he wasn't such a goody two shoes and let everyone walk all over him.

After a few hours the last noble families all had their things packed up and ready to move. The rest of the inhabitants of the prison realm were also informed and ready to move.

If they tried anything then they would be quickly put down by the guards I was having zero of their plots and tricks.

We made our way towards the teleportation array with me stealing anything Of value in the realm left behind with my divine sense. There was quite a lot as they considered gems to be just junk and there were herbs hidden everywhere.

I looted that place to the ground. Tearing up blood diamond veins and all sorts of other metals leaving the entire area with nothing. The blood diamonds would sell for a fortune in glory city since they were cultivation gems.

When we teleported back we were met with hundreds of legend rank or above guards as a show of force. There was only like 4 noble families left each with a couple legends in their families it was nothing compared to the basic guards.

The families were brought to a decent sized area where they could grow crops and do whatever they wanted. That was one problem out of the way. Next Nie li would be taking people to the mountains to get the group of people living up there they also lacked in food since they lived on a mountain top and had to hunt for food.

The only problem we would have left would be the underground world. That place was pretty shitty as they had to drink like sulphur water and didn't have any decent foods but they were a lot stronger than legendary rank which would have been a problem if not for the fact I could just kill them all off.

I looked through some of the loot I'd gotten and decided on what I should keep and what I should sell. I'd started a pile of things I didn't like that would make me a lot of money and anything the girls didn't like were also thrown in. They had become quite spoiled and picky about the items I got them.

When visiting a future world I'd have quite a lot to just sell off. I could sell them to the system shop but then I'd get only a bit of gold instead of the massive fortune I could get selling it off to people. The only problems I had was with prices crashing. But I had plans for that.

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