It all started when my mommy and daddy had me, and when I was at the age of 5 I started going hunting with my dad.

they never told me anything about who or what I was, my mommy only said that I was a full vampire, and she and my dad are vamps too.

Things started getting worse when I was growing up my dad left my mom later on my mom died from cancer everyone blamed it on me even my own brother Jayden I got abused almost every day like I was the packs punching bag, soon when I was 15 I found out the truth...I was a hybrid. which meant my dad was a werewolf.

Well, that's the beginning of my story, hello my name is Skylar harris I´m 16 turning 17 soon, I´m living with my brother Jayden harris, and the skylight moon pack who abuse me every day since the day my parents died.

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