1 A journey towards end

A fresh morning for everyone, but not for our Mike.He lived in a small apartment provided for orphans. A wrinkled single bed sheet on which different type of clothes were packed on.

He then looked out of the window. He saw a bunch of children fighting with each other. A child suddenly become invisible and then the child on his opposite did an explosion in the park itself. Suddenly the child become visible again after some time and now they both were fighting with bare hand. When the child again become invisible the other throwed all his power into a series of explosion. And now all the other child on the scene become fainted except the

the one who had done the explosion.

Mike was seeing all these with his dark blue eyes as if there was no life in it. Mike was a fair looking guy, his dark blue eyes made a killer combo for girls with his dark black coloured hair.

After seeing the scene, Mike eyes we're full of tears and his finger's nail we're deep inside the hand itself.

He remembered how his life became Miserable when he knew that he was an outcast , Everybody just ignored him due to the reason why he did not had any type of special power.

Yes, everybody in the world had superpowers for themselves. Many thought that the powers were bestowed upon them by Gods.

Yet, Mike did not have any power so In the school, he was often treated as a dummy for other that had ability.

Nonetheless, Mike was crying because now he had to go to the renowed school of the country called as "The God's Academy "

Everybody under the age of 18 had to go to the academy after completing their school. There the students further study the super power or they try to become stronger than God's power "

Mike knew that now he would face bullies and then they would beat the shit out of him just because he did not had any ability.

Mike thought,"if only I was stronger, if only I was fucking stronger, if only I was Strongerrrrr " . Tears running down his face as he laid on the bed.

A sudden shock came on his face. He did not believe what was in front of him

A strange message has appeared in front of him


(you are chosen to be the next DARK MONARCH)

After the hatred he had faced, after the tears fell from the lifeless like eyes of Mike .

He now cried after knowing that a ray of hope has finally came in his eyes , In his life.

He was now crying because it was the first thing that has ever happened in his life better than everything.

Then suddenly a male voice spoke in his mind, "Hey, don't cry now"

After hearing the words, Mike suddenly jumped off the bed to check that there was no one else in his house

"where are you finding me, I 'the great Dark Monarch ' have chosen you to be my descendant. " no one can hear me except you, now calm down " The voice spoke again

"Who are you" Mike spoke. "I am the creator of the system , and the great Dark Monarch "

"What is this system you are referring to " "This system is a path for me to turn you into a Great Dark Monarch"

"With the help of the system , you will inherit all the power of mine "

"That means I can also become powerful " Mike said as tears of joy fell upon the floor

"You can also surpass God with my power " the voice spoke in a proud tone.

"now say status screen fast " voice spoke. Mike did as the same as voice said in his mind.

( Name : Mike Stevens )

( job : none )

( Strength : 5 )

( Agility : 5 )

( Endurance : 5 )

( Mana :10 )

( Stamina : 10 )

Skills : (empty slot 1 )

(empty slot 2)

( empty slot 3)

After seeing all this

"What the fuck is all these" said Mike with a surprised face