1 Our beginning


"Hey jack!" A voice bring me back to my sense. I didn't heard anything. Even my body may present in playground but mind wasn't. I stared to the clear blue sky. After I snap back to me sense. I was sitting on broken leg table tennis and balance my body and table not to collapse. The noise of people, the sound of heavy footsteps and the voice of John calling me was heard again. I turned my head to where i heard voice of John. I saw him panting beside me. I don't know he came from. He seems very excited to tell me but i already know what it is. He is predictable. How can I tell? Well I know him for five years. One year is enough for me to understand him and the years later made me predict more accurately. He loves to tell me jokes made by him.. But the problem is he tells me the same joke three times a week. So I didn't listen to him but think of something else instead. While I'm pretending to listen to his old joke, I was busy comparing his parents with mine.

John wanted to study aboard and i wanted to join him. But the problem is his parent is so supportive but mine is not. They wanted to send me to cheapest college in Phuket, Thailand. He is from rich family. My family is neither rich nor poor but enough to send me to high school. On the day of result he always tell me about America. He planned to study there and take part time job at the same time. He thought it is cool. Even he never tell I can tell that he wanted do like movies. Most of student take part time job while studying. I also thought about it since my parent can't afford to rent me apartment. John is fortunate to have his uncle work in America so he no need to worry about where to stay in America but as for me, I already search in internet and found the cheapest apartment near Stanford university. Only thing left for me to be ready is to study. I wanted my future where John is in it. I can't imagine my life without John.

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