2 Without A Choice

"But my dear I'm afraid you aren't so lucky. Ever since both your parents died, I've been the one taking care of you. I'm retired now and we only manage to feed with the little money I earn from the shop. I really wish my sister, your mother were alive. And besides you're yet yo finish from university A, it was only by grace we were able to pay the previous fee. I don't want you to drop out after you've worked so hard to gain the admission due to financial constraint." Aunt Wenxin said as she cried. Xiao Ming cried too."But I'm 17 and the official marriage age is 18" Xiao Ming said amidst tears. "Don't worry about that your birthday is in two months time and the day after your birthday is the wedding" Aunt Wenxin explained. Xiao Ming frowned, this was not how she had imagined her life would be she had many dreams and expectations but it seemed none of them were destined to come true. "Don't fear child, the Wei family are good people, they will treat you well. They are very rich and after you get married,you can continue your schooling" Aunt Shu Wenxin added. Xiao Ming looked away, she only wished for the best. she knew that the only reason she would agree to this was because Aunt Wenxin's health was detoriating and this was the only option.

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