1 Arranged Marriage

"Xiao Ming you're getting married soon" her aunt, Shu Wenxin announced. "Aunt what do you mean?" Xiao Ming threw unexpectedly. "Well you may not know this but your grandfather had your marriage arranged while he was still in the army back then" Aunt Wenxin said. "How do you mean?" Xiao Ming said wishing it was a bad dream . "Well your grandfather and the grandfather of the Wei family were very good friends and were both in the army. They were friends for a long time and both promised each other that their children would marry but as it so happens, they both had sons so it seems the promise has been passed on to you." Aunt Shu Wenxin explained. "But aunt I can't accept that, it was a long time ago and who knows if the Wei family will accept it. Even if they do I won't, how can I get married to someone I've never met? Even if I do get married, I want it to be for love" Xiao Ming quipped.

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