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What is My Mini Planet

My Mini Planet is a popular web novel written by the author Poetic_Lord, covering UNIQUECULTIVATION, CULTIVATION, WEAK-TO-STRONG, FACTION BUILDING, ASSASSIN, BLOODLINE, Magical Realism genres. It's viewed by 510.8K readers with an average rating of 4.45/5 and 21 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 32 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Reincarnated in another world, a cultivation Martial Universe where only the strong survive. Reborn as a prince, but with little avenges, Hammed wanders through the Realms, building up his legend as the most outstanding Assassin and Blacksmith ever seen. See as he becomes the most powerful expert, the Lord of All Things... Notes: • 7 to 10 chapters a week •Top 80: 2 extra chapters •The cover art isn’t mine, so all the credit to its creator.


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Hi guys, Poetic Lord here! I came here today to say, just wait half a year more, since I’m trying to get into med school next here, so I kind of need to study a lot. However, next year I will certainly return with My Little Planet!


Well besides the endless typos misused words and failure to elaborate on everything... it could have been a good story... could is the main part here... the author cleary short cuts uses words that dont make sense and doesnt care if each chapter has numerous typos just for that alone i cant read any more also the main character treats the first female he meets as if shes a back alley whore up for bid to toss into bed... and she accepts it within 2 chapters... that just goes to show the mc is clearly another bs male lead and the female leads are going to be another dime a dollar hoe and hes going to collect them like rocks along a roadside aka as he walks hoes will toss their bodys at his .... another useless harem novel most likely... why cant for once a male lead based novel have him not be such a man whore


Story development is going good for now, the idea is really unique and keeps you wanting more chapters, and the stability of updates is good. ....................................................................................................................................


The amount of typos is unreal. Sorry for the low rating but I couldn't read pass the first chapter. I the author gets an editor, let me know.


I loved this I love it after I read this I just wanted to read this and no other novel interest me anymore I check every hours to see if it is updated or not please update more


nice story i hope more nice story i hope more nice story i hope more nice story i hope more nice story i hope more nice story i hope more nice story i hope more nice story i hope more


Very catchy story with new perspective and background, looking forward to continuous and stable updates ............................................................................


Continue with the story as it is fun and character development is enjoyable. I hope the novel is long and develops the universe. And post the frequency the same frequency.


I can´t say anything to the stability of Updates or Story Development as of now, but the Story is really good. The Translation or writing is a bit bad tho. how instead of who when instead of went and many other mistakes at least in chapter 12. It´s not to the point where reading it becomes painful and the grammar is correct but it´s still annoying when you have to decrypt some sentences because the words aren´t right.


I do not think it would be convenient for them to appear to tell them that everything was a test, because they could develop hatred towards it. It would be nice if when you enter the god lesser cap, with the power of the laws, each god can create his universe within him, as in martial world, haci, when a god gets a planet, he puts it inside his universe, which it is inside your body, the more strong planets there are, galaxies, etc., the greater your combat power will be. It would also be interesting if the planets could evolve, through the war, when growers die, their energy merges with the planet, when it reaches a certain amount, the planet will evolve, increase its size, example, from planet to spirit, the The size of the planet increases by 1000, from spirit to earth, its size increases by 10,000, from earth to sky, its size increases by 100,000, and when a planet passes from heaven to divine, its size increases by 1000000 (one million). also when you increase your cultivation, from minor god to ascending god, you can have 2 universes within them, and the number increases, until you reach a titled god, where within you, you can have a whole multiverse, the law that you can perhaps create to be a titled god, maybe it is the law of the infinite ?, multiverse = infinite. the universe would be represented as a marble ?, as in super dragon ball in the palace of zeno-sama It would also be great if the shaman empire, destroy the other empires, conquering the entire universe, the MC flees with some servants( woman) loyal to him, his father dies, but the MC takes all the knowledge of his clan, for there is a day when be invincible, take revenge and destroy them.


It's a start. Truck-kun missed out on this transmigration but he can't hit everyone I guess. Reactor explosions seem to be the way to go for alternative displacement methods. I look forward to reading where you go with the story.


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


So it is another interesting story about cultivation. Nice style of writing, normal temp and really good background. For the light novel it is just great read.


I like how this novel is written I like the idea and detail.


This author is a fucking mind reader, I swear to god this novel is based on my dreams and I had this dreams for months now. This is way too freaky anyhow thanks for this. :D


The story is good I will enjoy up coming chapters but I think the author should check his writing grammar it isn't effecting my experience of reading this novel but it is kinda annoying


The srory in itself is good, but don't get m worng the author needs to work on his Grammer, spelling and character development. To me the story is going a Bit to fast passed an could do with a good slowdown and start to beef up the chapters a bit. But other that those things the story is good.


I am really enjoying this story so far and I am looking forward to reading more of it as it gets released. I recommend more readers to read it.


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