1 First Day of New High school

There are many things that go sideways when you live a life. Living is cycle of decision whatever that maybe whether it's correct or not, it doesn't matter coz you always have to choose something even if it's smallest of things like buying a candy!!! When you live, you come in contact of other beings who also make decisions so when those decisions come together they make a new situations where you have to decide something, but there is hierarchy when it comes to making decision. If you are weaker or have low position in groups, school, society then your right to make decision decreases and you have to follow the decisions made by those who have higher position. Even if those decisions are not to your liking or irrational, you don't have any say in it unless you get to higher positions yourself.

Same thing is happening right…I am Yamagawa Haruto. Today is Entrance Ceremony of AOZORA HIGH SCHOOL and there is one thing that I don't like about it is that it's too noisy out there. All the Students here look too bright and they seems to enjoying this environment. Well for me it's not the situation I want to be part of. I like being low-key profile. Well even if I wanted to be part of them I can't do that because I don't have any friend here because I just transferred here to Tokyo from Shizuoka. Well even if I was in Shizuoka I would have been still alone because I don't even I friends there too. It's not like I can't make friends, it's the choice I made. As I mentioned I like low-key profile so it's not something I desire. Well suddenly it become noisier near entrance gate.

"Whoa….. Look at there… here she comes….Yukihara Megumi…"says the guy near me to his friend. It looks like he was talking about the noise that is going at entrance. "So he is talking about a person…" I thought to myself.

A girl stepped out from the shadow. Her long Black hair danced in the wind. A girl with beautiful, sharp eyes. Her skin was white like powdered snow, and her lips were lustrous looking like cherries. This fairy-like beauty is 'incredibly beautiful'. A princess who hogged many treasures which many girls would be unable to lay their hands on, no matter how much they wished for them.

"Wow, she looks as beautiful as always…." Says the guy standing next to me.

"what's the point in only gazing at her from side, why don't you go say something to her…"his friend replied to him.

"Are you serious???…don't you even know her personality..!! Nobody can hold normal conversation with her. Her cold attitude can even scare the Devils…."that guy says with scared expression.

"Whoa…. Seriously that's scary" his friend replied.

It looks like everyone knows about this girl and everyone seems scared of her. Well she looks beautiful so it's obvious for people like them to be arrogant. These type of people thinks about themselves as greater existence form other people. Well it doesn't look like I will get involve with her anyway, so it doesn't matter to me how her personality is.

After the entrance ceremony everyone went to their classroom, my class was 2-A. every students seat has been decided and there seating arrangements were written on class chalkboard. My seat was last in first column near window, even in my hometown I had same seat. It was what I wished for. Away from attention of classmates, my own personal space. Everyone was asked to get together in class from their homeroom teacher. I quietly walked towards my seat in sat down there. There were many students in class already and it was quite noisy. It looked like many of them were in same class as last year and many were already knew each other.

"Hey Yoshino, did you knew that Yukihara Megumi is in our class!!!" guy who came running in class asked.

"Yeah, I know… Nao." Yoshino replied.

"That's good for you, so you will get many chances this time to be with her and finally ask her out," Nao says with smiling face and giving him hints to make move towards her.

"What are you saying…? It's not like I like her or something…!!!!" yoshino says.

"Shut up nao!!!" "Don't fill yoshino's mind with things like that" two girls standing with yoshino shouts at nao.

"ehhhh… why are you guys shouting at me shiina, erika? I thought yoshino liked her from the way he always stares at her, so I was trying to help him" nao replied to her.

"What????" both girls shouts again.

"hey,hey, guys calm down, it's nothing like that. It's just that she always seemed alone so I was thinking of talking to her but couldn't that's it." Yoshino said with confused look.

"ahh…..It seems I got wrong idea, you always try to help others and that habit of your is what I really like about you." Nao says.

"You really are too kind, yoshino." shiina said to yoshino.

It seems this 'yoshino' guy is popular with girls. All the other guys are staring at those two girls who are with yoshino. They are both good looking girls, and seems popular between guys.

Suddenly everyone stopped talking and were staring at door. It was that girl the one who is every guy's Dream girl. Flawless visage. Flowing long black hair. Even when she is wearing same uniform as other girls, there was no one who can match the beauty of her in it. She looked at class chalkboard once then started walking again. She keep coming towards me while I was looking at her, it seems she is so used to staring that it doesn't affect her composure at all. Lacking any interest in the classroom, the girl simply sat upright in her chair like a model student. It was seat next to me.

"ahhh… what a bad luck...she is so far away from me..!!" one guy shouts.

"It seems she seats too far away from you yoshino…."nao says.

"I already told you…it nothing like that nao". Yoshino replies.

"Nao stop bothering yoshino already….!!" Shiina yells.

"Yeah, Yeah, whatever you say."

For me, I was completely uninterested in that matter, but was very pleased to be placed in the First column from the windows, last seat in class. It was a very comfortable place where I could lie down and rest, but it seemed that my thoughts did not reach the rest of my class and suddenly there were many eyes staring at me with jealousy. This type of situation is what I hate the most and goes against my low-key profile which I am trying to keep.

"By the way yoshino who is this guy who is sitting next to yukihara??" shiina questions.

"It looks like he is transfer student." yoshino answer is it while looking at me.

It seemed like more and more people are staring at me.

"Sigh….. I don't like this seat now, even though its good seat." I muttered.

Yukihara megumi gazed at me once and then started reading book which she just took out from bag.

Did she hear me? Well, whatever, it doesn't matter. It's not like I want to make friends with her or anything.

Still I thought it was good thing to introduce myself rather than creating enmity.

"Hi, I am Yamagawa Haruto, transferred here from Shizuoka, looks like we will be sitting next to each other from now on".


" ????? "

What? Did she not hear me or what? Is this what everyone was talking about? Her cold personality? Hard to talk to?

Suddenly voice came out.

"Hi, I am yukihara megumi, yeah we will be sitting next to each other." she said it with calm voice.

"ahhh… Nice to meet you." I replied.

Talk about being cold. Here it comes. A late reply which makes people think whether to say something or end the conversation. Well, at any rate, we'd introduced ourselves, so perhaps we could at least become neighbourly.

After few minutes, the first bell rings. At that precise moment, a woman entered the classroom. Our homeroom teacher, Asade Shizuka. If I had to guess, I would have placed her age at thirty. She wore a suit and had delicate features. Her hair seemed long, and she'd tied it into a ponytail.

She is another famous character in the school. If we call yukihara megumi a Beautiful ice princess, then the person who just came is leagues above her. She is like Ice-Queen whose cold eyes can freeze anyone with just one glance. She is epitome of beauty. She is calm cool beauty. She is well known for her cold attitude towards everyone and strictness. Shooting everyone a glance, she placed her bag on her desk.

"Ahem. Good morning to you, students. I'm the instructor for Class A. My name is Asade Shizuka. I teach Japanese history. I will be acting as your homeroom teacher, so I hope to get to know all of you. It's a pleasure to meet you." And her class continued.

My initial impression is that she firmly believes in discipline. So I think as long as someone is in discipline she won't give that cold attitude of her.

So like that the school is over.

"Hey yoshino, why don't we go to the new café that opened nearby. I heard it has really good cakes."

"Yeah sure shiina, it's not like I have any plans for now."

"Hey yoshino, I want to come too….shiina don't take yoshino all for yourself."

"What are you talking about Erika?" shiina replies.

"Hey, I want to come too… guys!!!" Suddenly nao yells.

"Yeah... Everyone lets go together, it's more fun like that." Yoshino said.

Everyone starting to leave class. Many of them of were planning to hang out together after school. Some were planning to go to café, karaoke and so on.

Well, there is no point on thinking about what others are doing. Neither It's like I want to join them nor do I enjoy those kind of stuff. More like I get annoyed by these hanging out things.

I also started to pack my stuff in bag. I glanced at yukihara once before leaving and it looks like she was waiting for me. It seems she has something to say to me. It seemed everyone has left the class already. Only two of us were in class.

"You seems to have a problem with me sitting next to you…" yukihara asked.

Well looks like she heard me earlier and waited for class to over to complain about it.

"well… its nothing like that" I replied. Rather than explaining whole thing it's better to just close the topic.

"Earlier you were looking really annoyed by me when I sit next to you." She shot me an icy glare when she said this.

"It's not because of you. Rather than that it was because of jealous stares that I got from other classmates who wanted to sit next to you." I explained. "I don't like to be centre of attention, I just want to be able to enjoy my silent life here. You seem pretty famous between guys for your beautiful looks and because of that their jealous stares towards me annoyed me."

"hmmmm… so it's like that" she said it as she seems to understand my behaviour.

"My beautiful looks you say….."


It looks like she is thinking that I also fancy about her.

"That's all I wanted to ask."


I picked up my bag and started to leave class. Frankly, it had never occurred to me that I will get involved with her through unfathomable series of events like this. Though other guys might think different for personally this is not what I like. If I had to choose between making friends with her here and getting jealous looks and being stranger to her and be at peace it will always be latter one.

That was one day with many unnecessary events.

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